Halloween is for our Little Rascals

Have you been enjoying all the inspiration this week for Halloween????  We sure hope so!!!!  Today we have the supremely talented Cassie of Lily Shine Boutique here to share her take on Darla from the Little Rascals and Rapunzel - anyone else want to steal her kids, costumes, and photo locations????  Just me - hmmm, ok..... well enjoy the amazing inspiration!!!!

Kenzie as Darla-

This little guy is the cutest Alfalfa ever!

This little guy is the cutest Alfalfa ever!

Kenzie and her little best guy both love The Little Rascals movie, and had drummed up the idea to go as Darla and Alfalfa for Halloween. Her favorite part is the opening scene where Darla (in a cute sailor ensemble) and Alfalfa are drifting on a boat, with a white lace umbrella as Alfalfa serenades Darla in “You are so Beautiful.” The giggles captured in the photos are from my lovely singing and best Alfalfa impersonation to help them relax out at sea in Kaneohe Bay in an old boat.

Honor as Rapunzel Ballerina

Honor has changed her mind from being Princess Sophia to a crab, to Rapunzel, to a crab, and back to Rapunzel, but as a ballerina. I finally put my foot down and used her flexible expectations to decide this was the opportune moment for me to tackle a Snazziedrawers pattern. Thanks to a great sale at Saks, I was able to get a pair of pretty pink ballet shoes to complete the look! Pascal even came along for the adventure, although we saw plenty of live lizards along the way to our photo shoot.

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