Upcycle Apron Project Featuring Ruby Jean's Closet

Hi!  It’s Ellen from ellzabelle here to show you a fun and easy way to upcycle and create an adorable apron.  

I’m a big fan of Ruby Jean’s Closet.  I’ve made the Uptown Girl Dress and Peony Dress for PR and both have remained favorites of my daughter.  I was thrilled to do an upcycle post for the Barclay Apron pattern.  I took a few of my dad’s dress shirts when I was last home, in hopes of making a few things for my daughter.  I also had a thrift store dress in my stash that didn’t fit but had really fun fabric with raised dots.  Also in my stash was a bit of southwest fabric my daughter grabbed for free at a fabric store.

Using these three items, I made the apron very easily (and Earth friendly) (and sentimental).

My dad means the world to me.  He’s currently fighting terminal cancer so he is in my heart and thoughts every minute of the day.  I am so happy to be creating a bunch of items (from his dress shirts) that my daughter can treasure forever to remind her of him.  

There are a few tips on upcycling in the pattern which I loved.  I chose to use the thrifted dress for the bottom portion of the apron since it was already hemmed.  I could have used the dress shirt for the bottom of the apron (and will try next time), but I wanted it a bit girlier and purple was perfect!

The bodice is made out of the dress shirt front, and I decided to change the buttons to add more color.  The waist ties are made from each sleeve, using the cuff at the end.  It was too thick with the interfacing in the cuff, so I had difficulty with it but still love the little detail.  I really wanted to use as much as the shirt as possible so instead of making two elastic pockets like the pattern called for, I decided to use the actual shirt pocket.  I carefully used my seam ripper to remove the pocket.  I took a bit of the southwest fabric to make a ruffle for more color.  I also matched the button at the top of the apron and put one on the pocket.  I LOVE how it turned out!  The neck ties and cute front detail are from the southwest material of which I had VERY little and had to be creative.

The only changes I made (beside the pocket) was to topstitch the entire bodice.  Just something that I like to do.  The possibilities are endless with upcycling and is a favorite technique I like to do.  Hems are already done and you’re creating a one of a kind piece.  As an environmental science major, I’m always looking for ways to be kind to the earth.  And it just makes me happy to be creative!

If you want to read the review for the Barclay Apron that was previously done on Pattern Revolution, you can find it here.  I definitely recommend the pattern.  I made the largest size, an 8, for my soon to be 8 daughter and fit was spot on.  I think it would make a wonderful gift for a daughter, niece, or granddaughter and made even more special from a dress shirt of a dad or grandfather.  The holidays are right around the corner….just saying.

Till next time!  Ellen