Ever Thankful: A Look Back at some Oldies and Goodies

It is the Monday of Thanksgiving week, and that means.............CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!  Hahahah, I know that the stores have been filled with holiday decorations for weeks, and all the ads on TV are screaming buy me buy me!  But for me, when you hit the week of Thanksgiving, it is truly the Holiday Season.  And not one to skip over being thankful first, I just have to give the biggest shout-out to the Pattern Revolution team.  You can't imagine how thankful I am for these women.  Not only are they crazy talented, they are also the most caring and generous group of ladies I have ever know - and I am grateful to call them my sewing sisters!!!

And to get you all in the Holiday spirit, I figured I would remind you of some awesome Holiday creations from the past.  And TOMORROW you all get the Black Friday List of Sales, so make sure to come back!!!!


First, I can't look at the past without giving a huge shout out to last year's Over the Top Challenge Contributors.... I mean, seriously GORGEOUS!!!

Check out Crystal's tutorial for hand sewing sequins HERE!



Next, How about an amazing and FREE Christmas Stocking.  That's right, we have an awesome cuffed stocking pattern that you can grab HERE.

You can find tutorials for each of the re-mixes in the gallery along with more inspiration HERE.


Next up... it isn't the holidays without some fun Holiday PJ's!!!!!  You can check out our Night before Christmas Series for some great inspiration.


I hope these blasts from the past have put you in the Holiday mood, and don't forget, the Black Friday Sales list goes up TOMORROW!!!

Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas!!!