Free Santa Pillow Tutorial

Ho!Ho!Ho!!!!  The big day creeps a little closer as we tick off the dates on the calendar waiting for Christmas day to arrive.  If you are anything like me, you may only be half way through your Holiday decorating....and if that is the case, you are going to love today's tutorial.  With a little bit of trim and an ounce of creativity, you can boost the Jolly ten fold in your home this season!  So start looking through your ribbon bin, and read Rebekah's great tutorial to create your own Santa Pillow!


It's getting closer and closer to Christmas!  Are you ready yet?  Have you decorated?  If you need something quick and easy to accent your couch or add a little pop somewhere then you have come to the right place.  I needed something to make our big couch a little festive for the holiday so I made a Santa pillow cover.  Use any existing pillow for this one.  Make it big or little.  Just keep your ribbon proportional to the size you choose.  It takes about an hour to add this little decoration to your family room.  You don't have to stop at Santa either!  Make anything your imagination can come up.   Perhaps a little apron for Mrs. Claus?  Happy Holidays everyone from RebekahSews and Pattern Revolution!



  • Red fleece
  • White fleece
  • Black velvet ribbon
  • Gold Ribbon
  • Snaps

1.  Gather your materials.

2.  Measure your pillow.  Add 1" for seam allowance to your measurements.  Now add and extra 1.5" to the length.  This will give you the hem for the bottom.

3.  We will create the hem.  Fold .5" along the bottom of the length and clip or pin.  Now fold an additional .5" and clip or pin in place.  Do this for both front and back.

4.  Sew hem down 1/8" away from edge.

5.  Now we will find the center of the front panel.  Fold your piece in half so that the top of your panel touched the top of your hem NOT the bottom of the hem.  Mark the center.

6.  Align the middle of your black velvet ribbon along the center line you just marked.

7.  Sew ribbon down 1/8" along both sides of ribbon.

8.  Now find the center of the ribbon.

9.  We will now place the gold ribbon in a three sided rectangle around the center.  Place the top and bottom of this rectangle on the fleece but touching the velvet ribbon. There is no right or wrong on how big or little to make this rectangle.  Just depends on how little or big you want it.  

10.  Sew the gold ribbon down.

11.  Pin another small piece of gold ribbon in the middle of the three sided rectangle to mimic the belt prong.  Sew this down.

12.  Place the front panel and back panel right sides together and sew along the three unfinished sides using a 1/2“ seam allowance.  Clip your corners and turn right side out.

13.  Apply snaps along the bottom.  You can always leave it open if you so choose.  Feeling ambitious?  Install a zipper!

14.  Look, even Santa approves of this one.  Now go decorate and have a great Holiday!