Gifts worth getting dressed for: Toddler & Doll clothes

Welcome back to more gifts ideas!!!!

Today Kim is sharing some adorable outfits for her daughter Mila along with some adorable clothes and accessories for her new rabbit doll - ohhhhh the cuteness, I have time to make a rabbit and clothes before Christmas, right!?!??!?!?!

Read through for all the adorableness - because the cutest thing just might be the last!


Happy Holidays my sewing friends!  Hi I am Kim from Kimmie Sew Crazy AKA Better Dressed Child.  Not sure yet how to combine those two names so I will just list both : ).  I am excited to share with you my Christmas sewing.  Ready?  Because there is a lot! My main handmade sewing recipient is Mila, my almost three year old daughter. 

So this is Christmas sewing with a preschooler in mind.  Lots of fun gifts that I can guarantee will be loved! Let me start with the dress!  I used the Lily Giggle Brigitte Bow Top/Dress Pattern.   This is currently my very favorite knit pattern at the moment.  I think specifically because of the neckline.  Mila was being a monster stinker and would not let me get one good picture!

It’s slightly wider almost a boat neckline but not falling off the shoulders, still comfy.  Not only is the pattern a dress but also a top. 

Oh, did you notice the high­low hem on both dress and top.  I think I have made this dress and top three to four times and will be making many more : ). 

On to the presents Mila will LOVE!!!

Remember Rachel,  Mila’s new BFF Bunny?  Well, I decided to make Rachel a few little gifts for Christmas.   She now has two new pretty dresses!  Both the Anke Dress and the Elise Dress by My Childhood Treasures.  These were so very quick to sew, and they also fit Mila’s Our Generation doll.  Mila will love opening up presents for her bunny : ).  

And Finally, last but not least present : )  A bassinet.  I made this with the a pattern by MADE but with a few alterations.  Mostly just skipping the bias tape and sewing the pieces together.  I love this little bassinet.  It is certainly one of those keepsake gifts.  

As a Daycare provider for six years now.  I know one thing for sure.  Little girls, little boys, love changing a baby doll's diaper.  This will probably be my most used handmade gift for Mila!  I used a free pattern from Bee In My Bonnet.  It fits Rachel Rabbit, Bitty Baby, Cabbage Patch dolls, and even the bigger dolls.  I love it : ).  I know, I say that about all the patterns : )  A free pattern is even more loveable : )

Thanks so much for reading : )