Wild About Winter in the Wild Things Hooded Scarf

Holiday fun can mean so many different things to different people.  So far we've shown you the joys of relaxing in PJ's all day, the sweet scrumptious-ness of baking, and today we have a personal favorite of mine; playing in the SNOW!!!!  Now if only the weather would get it's act together and send me my white stuff - I mean, I live in the North East for a reason.... a projected 65 on Christmas day does not scream 'Winter Wonderland'.

But even without snow, Chris still enjoyed some snow time fun with her littles.  And these adorable Wild Things Hooded Scarves from Big Little just amp up the festive spirit.


Hi everyone, Chris here with some holiday fun for you!

My daughter is obsessed with snow.  Anytime anyone mentions winter, she immediately exclaims, “When it snows, I can go outside and play in it and build a snowman and it’ll be so much fun!”.  Unfortunately, there’s no snow in sight here in the mid-Atlantic yet.  In fact, we’ve had some unseasonably warm weather lately.  But that didn’t stop us from pretending!

I sewed up two adorable Wild Things Hooded Scarves by Big Little Patterns and now we’re prepared for some winter fun!  Maybe we’ll get lucky and have snow for Christmas!    Little Miss wanted to be a cat, and asked that I make her baby brother be a bear.  

The Wild Thing Hooded Scarf pattern comes in sizes 3-6 months up through adult, has options for a scarf, crossover or cowl, lots of ear choices and even includes tail patterns for more fun!  For both of mine, I used fleece for the outside and flannel for the lining, so they’re warm and soft.  

They were really easy to sew, other than the fact that I messed up and sewed her ears on backwards first (darn distracted mommy brain!).  There have been so many fantastic fleece and flannel sales lately that I’m sure you’ve got fabric you can use, and this pattern is so quick that you could easily sew one when you see snow in the forecast.  I might even have to make one for myself, but I don’t think I’ll look as cute as these two!  

If my daughter gets her wish, part of our holiday break will include throwing real snowballs at her brother instead of stuffed and building a snowman instead of collecting leaves and acorns.

So whether your holiday fun includes last minute gifts to make, cold weather plans or if you just need an excuse to send your stir crazy kids out of the house for some pretend play, Big Little’s Wild Things Hooded Scarf is a great item to sew!