The Amazing Animazing Skirt

We can just chalk this December up as a month that did not quite go the way I'd planned.  My plans included tons of hand made clothes for my kiddos to wear all month long, fun excursions hither and yon, and of course tons of holiday baking with my littles.  Well, with some health scares and the  Doctor prescribed antidote of REST, I had to start letting some things fall off my list.  And letting go of things on your list is NOT a bad thing.  The process actually helped me prioritize and really enjoy the things that I did choose to keep and focus on.

I let go of a lot of the holiday sewing I had planned, but I just couldn't let my daughter ride the Santa Train without making her something out of this great fabric I had found specifically for this purpose.  So, I started searching through patterns trying to figure out exactly which pattern to make.  And it hit me - this wanted to be a skirt, a skirt with a niche high waistband and cute little cross back straps.... it wanted to be an Animazing!  Luckily the designer, Cassie, for Little Lizard King gave me the hook up!

Now my original plans were to go full reindeer with the winter add on pack.  Antlers, cute little face, I could envision it in my head and knew it would be perfect.... but you know the whole needing to let go of things.  Yep, time and other needs redirected my focus and forced me to simplify.  But the amazing thing is that this skirt is just as stunning, just as head turning, and just as perfect in it's simplest form - and that dear friends is the mark of an AMAZING pattern.

Mack was complimented by Santa himself along with anyone else who could catch her for two seconds in the midst of her joy and excitement.

I have plans for some more creative ones coming up in the new year, because this is a sew that I am in love with!  You too will love the cleanly finished bodice, the great strap options, and the sweet button back. And if you are wondering whether or not this is a fast sew - let's just say I got it done in the nick of time before our 9am train ride.  All in all it took about a hour and a half from first cut to final stitch - so if you need a last minute pretty for your girl to wear or gift for under the tree, you've got this girl!!!

Merry Christmas from the Pattern Revolution team!!!!