A freebie for all those Nutcracker Fans!

Welcome back dear readers.  As you are looking for gifts to give, you may run across someone in your life who is into Nutcrackers... or the Nutcracker Ballet.  We've been bitten by the bug in my house since Mack and Bex are dancing in their studio's production of the Nutcracker.  I didn't quite realize how big of a deal it was until the tickets to their show sold out in under 48 hours. WOW!  But, my kids are so excited to be dolls in the party scene and to be on stage for all of 90 seconds, it is going to be epic!

So of course my brain has been in nutcracker mode, and I just had to design this cute Nutcracker doll FMA to share with all of you.  He is the perfect embellishment to a T-shirt, pants leg, or pillow to decorate your home.  Have an adult friend who loves nutcrackers, try framing your finished design to hang on the wall - how cute would he be framed by a wooden embroidery hoop!?!?!?? 

Well, no matter how you plan to use him, he is FREE and waiting for you!

Beckett LOVES his new shirt, and claims that he dreamed about  it and wants to wear it everyday ;o)  Here are some silly shots of him at his school Christmas party just for fun.