KNITorious Custom Printed Fabric Review

Today I'm here to talk to you about a new (to me) trend in knit fabrics. Custom printing groups are popping up all over Facebook and other places on the internet and they are one of the best places to get the hottest knit fabrics that you really can't find anywhere else. Groups operate in different ways: some have fabric on hand and some do preorders, but the one thing they all have in common is that they give you the ability to find unique fabrics that are SO fun!

We had the opportunity to review a few custom prints from KNITorious Fabric and I was so excited to get mine in the mail! Sarah sent 3 generous yards of their wonderful knits. Lately I've been paying a few extra pretty pennies for high quality print knits from name brand designers and the quality is very, very good. I had not ever seen custom knit fabric in person, so I wasn't sure what to expect. I can now tell you that it is SO soft and has the most amazing feel! The 3 prints I saw were a true medium weight. One of the prints I chose had a white background and it's a nice, thick knit that has a great, 4 way stretch, but you can't see through it! 

I paired this with Riley Blake solids and dots from my stash to make the Love Notions' Trendy Tunic. This is a great top with a few different options and it's definitely not your everyday tunic! So fun!

I loved these fun elephants. The colors are vibrant and the graphic didn't split and show the white background when stretched.

I also adored this soft, pink butterfly knit. You can imagine the squeals of delight heard round my neighborhood (and probably across the Ohio River) when Miss Lydia saw it. There were so many colors to choose from to pair with it, but I figure "Go big, or go home," and went with pink (Art Gallery Fabrics) and purple (Purple Seamstress). They are definitely a perfect match and look so fun on this Main Street Tee dress from Terra's Treasures

Oh, and did I mention this dress pattern is ON SALE through Tuesday, February 17th? 30% off!!!

The detail is really intricate and the flowers have tiny designs on them. So much to look at and so comfy, too! And I really like how the ruffles in the pattern play with the girliness of the fabric.

One last sample, for all of you Labyrinth fans out there. KNITorious has done several rounds of fabric that included comic book heroes, princesses, and other popular themes. This Labyrinth print is one of their latest and may be of interest to those of you that love the movie (or had aspirations of marrying David Bowie when you were in junior know who you are!!!)

Rebecca sewed this one up for her sassy girl using a very modified version of the Bonnie Bubble Skirt from LilyGiggle. She changed it up by omitting the drawstrings and the bubble, which allows you to see all of the great graphics on this ultimate Labyrinth fan print. We really love the original bubbliness, but it would pair more fabulously with smaller, more repeated prints, or maybe even some yummy KNITorious solids!

LilyGiggle Bonnie Bubble with KNITorious Knits


Geo Coord

Rainbow on BLACK – KNITorious Fabric

I – KNITorious Fabric

You can find KNITorious on their website and see what they have in stock, as well as preorders and customer projects, which are quite inspiring! Catch them  in their Facebook Group for the latest news and inspiration from other customers. But don't blame me if this incites another obsession for you!'re saying it's too late? You ARE obsessed? Then you need to make sure you enter this awesome GIVEAWAY!!!! 

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