Sew Yourself Some Tops!!!

We're sewing ourselves some love all month long, and today we are looking at some easy tops that will add comfort, ease, and some modern creativity to your wardrobe.  Read on to check out what Crystal and Andrea have been loving on this month.....


As a mom of two small children, I spend a lot of time at the playground or just running errands and I want to be comfortable! So when I sew for myself I tend to sew a lot of knit tops and simple

dresses, things that are easy to throw on and go out the door. I have been wanting to sew up a raglan tee pattern for myself so I was excited to try out the Seamingly Smitten Raglan Sleeve Split Neck top for Sew Yourself Some Love!

I sewed up two raglan tops for myself; I couldn't stop at just one! These raglans are so quick to sew…just a few straight seams (no sleeves to set in), a neckband, and some hems…or make it from knit and skip the hems! The first raglan I made is a knit bodice with floral chiffon sleeves.

The Seamingly Smitten Raglan top is a looser fitting top, but still flattering. It has an option for a split neckline, but I sewed a regular neckline on mine. I also trimmed a little off the short
sleeve length for this top.

This top can be sewn with knits or wovens, it is a great versatile pattern!

For the second top I sewed up with this pattern, I used all knit. A grey knit for the sleeves and some floral lacey looking knit for the bodice.

On this one, I sized down and cut on the patterns petite line for a snugger fit.

This pattern is an easy, quick sew…perfect for busy moms like me! You can sew it up during one nap time. And with its versatile design, you can make a top that is appropriate for date night or just for a trip to the playground with your kids!


For a top to get you in the mood for spring and summer, look no further than the Tortolla by Sisboom!  Andrea is showing off and easy way to add modern versatility to this pattern by using two different fabrics for the front and back - and she is making me jealous of that warm weather she has down under (yep, she's an aussie!)

When working with two powerful prints, find a way to synch them so that your end result is an artistic materpiece!  Andrea used two prints that both share the bright cobalt blue that is so in for 2015.  I love the way you get just a peek of the second fabric from the front at the shoulder.  This form of color blocking requires no alterations to the pattern but is deffinetly modern and on trend.  A little nervous pairing two bold prints together???  Try a solid in the front and a coordinating print for the back.