Sew Yourself Some Love with Winter Wear Designs

It is extra fun getting to introduce one of my own patterns on a lady that I think is quite amazing.  You can check out the post I just wrote about the collaboration necessary to bring the La Croix Cross Over top to fruition HERE.  You can also grab a free yoga waist PJ pattern, The Parisian Night Pants,  in my Facebook group - because everyone should be able to jump on the self care sewing bandwagon!!!!

But here is Nicole sharing the La Coix, the pattern she chose this month to sew herself some love!


Sew Yourself Some Love. 

Not always that easy, am I right? Last year at this time, you couldn’t PAY me to take part in this challenge. I was quite a bit heavier, and the thought of sewing something for myself, that I LOVED, for MY body…was a foreign concept.  So, I didn’t participate. 

Here we are, one year later.  A year full of sewing for myself.  Getting into better shape was a priority last year. But most importantly, a year that taught me that sewing myself some love, it comes in ALL sizes. As I look back at what I made for myself over the last year, I actually love it... all. Whether it was a size XXL or a size Medium. 

It doesn’t matter. You know why? It’s the art of sewing that I love. It’s the fabric that isn’t covered in Anna and Elsa. It’s the awesome new patterns begging me to buy them. It’s the community of wonderful women that I have met on the various sewing groups. Women that I have grown to call my good friends. Women…dare I say it without sounding corny.. that I love. 

Spending time making myself something is good for my sanity. Even if it doesn’t end up perfect, and even if it doesn’t get worn as much as my favorite t-shirt, I still love it. I think I finally know what it means to Sew Myself Some Love. #sysl 

The most recent thing I’ve made, and that I love…is the La Croix Cross Over Reversible Tank and Top, by Winter Wear Designs. This top is just fantastic. So many options!! Tank or long sleeves. Cross over option can be worn either way, front or back. Excellent fit, and overall just a great pattern. I’m always impressed with Suzanne’s patterns. 

So, this year, I challenge you if you haven’t started yet, start Sewing Yourself Some Love….