Sew yourself some LOVE

This month inspired SYSL because it is the month of Valentine's day and love.  While Valentines Day may have become commercialized, the idea of taking time out of our lives to LOVE is something I hope we can hang on to all month long and even all year long.  So go love on your family, your friends, the walmart greeters.... and of course YOURSELF!

Here is Nicole S sharing her self care sewing....


With a petite frame, Nicole finds it hard to buy off the rack without it looking like she is dressing like a teenager, but that is the power in being able to sew for herself.  She can make fashionable clothes that are appropriate for a mom and that don't swallow her whole.  Just look at her face, I think she has fully embraced sewing herself some LOVE ;o)

Pattern used:


  • Girl Charlee Love in grey with red letters
  • Red lycra from Joann