Sew Yourself Some Comfortable Couture

We've got comfy and casual couture covered today with a head to toe hand made ensemble from Melissa.  She combined the Patterns For Pirates Raglan with the Winter Wear Designs Aviator Pants to create 'mom-wear' that is as fashionable as it is functional.  


When the SYSL assignment came about, I didn't immediately volunteer -- kids, life, lots of obligations & little time...then I realized that's exactly why SYSL is important. Every year, I make a New Year's resolution. Every year it is the same one. I'm sure you're thinking that I must not be very good at keeping this resolution if I have to repeat it every.stinking.year! And you're right...and to be honest it will always be a work in progress. Five kids, working mom, all the usual household & wifely things...why does that matter?
My resolution? To take time for me. To make time for ME. To do for me, and not just everyone else. To make the time to exercise, sew, read a fluff fiction book, sit in the sun instead of doing the dishes, take a hot bath & lock the door & make my husband deal with the "mom!!" when I'm needed the minute I do - whatever refreshes & recharges! And in doing so I have more to give, my tank doesn't hit empty, and I'm setting a good example for my children that being a parent doesn't mean losing yourself. Some days it does, to be realistic, but that is why I keep making that resolution - and it's ok to pick nice quick sews & versatile pieces to get the most out of your precious time!
I made the Pattern for Pirates raglan and Winter Wear Designs Aviator Pants (no pockets because these were a wearable muslin). And I'm in love with the pieces - I can still be a mom, but more pulled together than my usual jeans & hoodie! And did I mention quick? I made all three pieces in just an evening - from printing to finished pieces.
I originally paired the black & tan stripe (banded version) with the stretch denim that is black with a brown undertone to it. My teen daughters said "I think you need more color". It only took me a second of hesitation before I pulled out the hot pink print that I'd debated using. I just needed that push! (I knew they'd like it, so I used the other for myself...but they gave me that nudge. They're watching & learning!) And I now have two totally different looks from three pieces. And I'm proud that I took the time for me. Because I'm worth it! We all are. #sysl