Sew Yourself Some Hot-ness!

Sew Yourself is winding up for a close - don't worry, I still have two more posts to go, so don't think we are disappearing just because February only has 28 days!

We have shared a lot of great wardrobe builders this month, casual styles, easy sews for beginners, and things that you know you will wear and wear often in your closet.  Becca has shared the fashion forward side of that with her Fashion Friday posts based on wardrobe neutrals.

But sometimes, you want to be HOT.  You want to go on a date, or go out with the girls, or show up to that reunion, and have people go WOW!  And looking hot still doesn't mean 'hard' patterns, or things outside your (slightly extended) comfort zone.

Nicole has brought the 'sizzle'.... check it out!


All Dressed Up:

Pattern used



  • Shirt: black lycra Girl Charlee
  • Skirt: black vegan leather and white vegan leather 2.5" stripes pieced together. Girl Charlee



Rocking Out:




  • Girl Charlee Coral Knit
  • Girl Charlee  Vegan Leather Stretch black
  • Joann cheetah sequin


Daytime Diva:



  • Joann Fabrics Quilted Pleather