Sew Yourself Some Love 2015

It is FEBRUARY - which here at Pattern Revolution means that it is time for our second annual month long Self Care Sewing EXTRAVAGANZA - Sew Yourself Some Love.  This is a month of encouraging you to take a little bit of time and sew something for yourself - even just one thing!  last year, Robin wrote this amazing post about 'Self Care' and the power behind remembering to take care of yourself so that you can better care for all the others in your life.

This year will be filled with styling tips, advice on fabrics for great women's wear looks, introductions to TONS of womens PDF sewing patterns, and of course lots of fun!  Join in with us on this month long adventure.  There are so many ways you can be involved this month: choose one item to make for yourself, make an entire new outfit that lifts your spirits and makes you smile, take the time to learn a new technique for sewing womens wear, or step out of your comfort zone and try a new fabric that will lift your adult sewing to new levels.

Here are some highlights from last year - so get excited and join in with #SYSL

For me the past year has been such a year of growth and spreading my wings to go places I never thought I would go.  My first step was starting to sew for myself again, I gained a level of confidence that made me start trying new patterns, new shapes, new colors.  And then I rediscovered my love for design, and in July of 2014 I launched Winter Wear Designs, where I can express my creativity and design patterns for women that I love.  Sewing for yourself isn't some magic thing that is going to instantly change your life, but I do believe that it will be fun, edifying, and possibly change your perspective of yourself.

Just a few of my Self Care Sewing creations from 2014

Just a few of my Self Care Sewing creations from 2014