Pi Day Possibilities

As much as I hate to admit it, math plays a HUGE part in sewing. From simple addition and subtraction, to converting inches to centimeters and figuring out how much that new PDF pattern will cost you in Australian Dollars. Thank goodness for that Paypal math, right? So in honor of Pi Day (3-14....get it?), we're opening the vault of some of our favorite patterns that honor the almighty circle. From skirts to dresses to even a pair of shorts, these patterns take the basic circle to new heights and don't even require you to bust out 3.14159265358979323846264.

The Roundabout by Little Lizard King

This is a great way to add a circle skirt to an Ellie style bodice and watch the twirling take off! The Roundabout ranges from size 6M-8 and can be made as a tunic or a dress. I purchased these fun, circle and sphere themed fabrics from Bee Quilted last year and I'm SO glad they came in handy! They're from the Sphere line from Zen Chic for Moda Fabrics.  The dotted straps are from Jenny Eliza, Jennifer Paganelli's line for JoAnn Fabric and Craft Stores. My polka dot bias tape is from the Vintage Door and it pretty much doesn't get more perfect than that!

I chose the Petunia Petals because those sweet petals have a circle-ish look to them and I thought they'd go great with the Roundabout. Options for shorts, capris, and full length leggings are perfect for girls sizes 2-12! Unfortunately, I didn't have any knit polka dots in my stash, so the next obvious choice is to sew some stripes! These cheery yellow 1" stripes are from Riley Blake and they are an excellent source for knit! You can currently purchase RB knits at Whimsical Fabric or Bailey GIrls Fabric.

More Pi-inspired dresses!

Tilt and Twirl Dress