Scrap Swap: Piecing a Wardrobe

Today we are going to look at how awesome scraps can be for adding some new creations to your and your kiddos' wardrobes.  Check out Jeanine, Larissa, Nicole, and Sarah's creations....


Jeanine's Tortal:  Since there were only 2 of us international gals on the PR team in January Andrea and I swapped with each other and crossed our fingers the packs would make it in time! 

My scrap swappee being from Australia sent me so many fun and unique prints. In keeping with the spirit of warm and sunny Australia I decided to make the Sisboom Tortola! I got out my pattern pieces and measured the size I would need and stitched my scraps together in a rather haphazard way I'm sure would make quilters everywhere cringe. I love the results though :) I know I'll be making a few more scrappy Tortola's for my summer! For now though I'll just be dreaming of summer and wearing with a cardi!


Yeah - I am 100% stealing this idea Jeanine, I am in LOVE!!!!!!

Yeah - I am 100% stealing this idea Jeanine, I am in LOVE!!!!!!


Larissa's Skirts:  I received my Woven package from Kara, and she did a great job of including a fun variety! I bought the Tie Dye Diva Potato Chip Skirt (you can find the full review HERE) during the last Girl's BundleUP Sale, and had been waiting for the perfect fabrics to make one. When I saw the Amy Butler fabric,  I knew it was destiny! I made the reversible skirt with a green dot fabric that Kara Included.

My Knits came from Melissa, my daughter saw the Hawaiian print and immediately asked for something out of it. I measured and looked at all my patterns but nothing jumped out at me! Eventually I decided to just make up a skirt pattern as I went. She tried it on and fell in love! I put a yoga waistband on it for her, and she has already requested at least 6 more in varying lengths. I again used some smaller knit scraps to make some hair accessories for my friends little girl.

Knit skirt.jpg


 Nicole's Trendsetter Top:  I received my woven parcel from Carrie Burnett and was super excited.  I used Cassie's new Trendsetter dress pattern that is releasing today from Little Lizard King, and made a top using this gorgeous floral, camera, and lime green/ coral floral for the straps. I modified the dress to a twirly top and crossed the straps in back and tied a small knot.



Once all that sewing is done - you may have some shoulder and back pain - so a perfect scrap buster is a pretty neck warmer.  Gain some comfort while keeping your style!

Sarah's Neck Warmer:  My woven scrap swap was from Paige and as soon as I opened it, I knew I was going to use the blue/peach toned ones for something.  As I unpacked them to see what was in the package, I could tell that they went well together and they just needed a project to bring them all together.  I have been wanting to make a rice neck warmer for a long time and had seen some ideas on pinterest for doing them with rice filled, sewn channels.  I figured this was a perfect opportunity to make one for myself and the channel concept would lend really nicely to piecing together all of the fabrics I had picked out.  Little disclaimer here: I am not a quilter! I just kind of winged it on piecing it together, but I think it turned out really nicely.  I used about 6 cups of rice and two scents of essential oils to fill the neck warmer and I love how it smells.  It is also a really good length to cover my neck and shoulders.  

All of these projects are amazing - tomorrow, we will be sharing all knit projects.... do you have a favorite knit scrap buster??????  Share a comment with us, we'd love to know or check out your blog!