Scrap Swap: KNITS

So, we are wrapping up scrap swap week with a ton of great knit projects to get your creative juices flowing as you head into the weekend!  We hope you are inspired by these projects, share what you've sewn with scraps on our Facebook Page and instagram #bustascrap.  If your scraps aren't inspiring you, find a sewing friend to trade with - it seriously is like Christmas morning.


(Kara) Have you ever participated in a scrap swap?  This is my first experience doing this.  All of my friends in Pattern Revolution have great taste so I wasn’t worried AT ALL.  It turns out that I hit the jack pot with my 2 swappers.  My first project was working with knit.  Larissa sent me some awesome knits that are so fun, I think her daughter even helped her pick them out.  I love that knit is so comfortable casual, so my mind went immediately to Jocole.  I made the Jocole Girls Peplum Top with the Basic Knit Leggings.  I used 3 of the knit fabrics but they are all so cute that I hard time picking which ones to use.  We are both very happy with the cute outfit I made, she even kept it on the rest of the day!  Score!  I hope we get to do another fabric swap sometime soon.


Nicole used her Mermaid scraps from Readene to make these adorable tank tops that are perfect for summer using the Perfect 10 top by Cassie of Little Lizard King.


(Raedene) I have been having an obsession with all items sewn in KNIT lately. So when the opportunity to swap prints with a partner arose I was {all about them scraps}... I mean what a great way to try new prints and feel their weight and see their true colors! I got a package from Kara in the mail with a great selection of colors prints that were perfect for my tastes! Lots of stripes and dots that are the perfect accent to the big bold graphic designs. I chose to make my youngest a new outfit as she is NOT a DRESS fan… can you believe that? So leggings and a top were on my to do list! I was able to use all of the prints Kara sent except for one. I used my own organic mermaids for the front bodice but all other fabrics in both pieces were from the swap! I chose the new Little Lizard King Perfect 10 top {so versatile with all of its options} over the Cottage Mama Maisie leggings.


(Melissa) I received a GREAT knit scrap assortment from Carrie it was a tough decision which scraps to use for my project. I’m timid at combining different prints & patterns, but thankfully there were some more “neutral” prints so it wasn’t too painful to edge out of my comfort zone. Another very easy part of the process is that I have a 9 month old little guy to sew for...which almost felt like cheating!   I decided to use the Brindille & Twig Raglan shirt & Classic Sweatpants to create an outfit my little guy will soon grow into – it is just a teeny bit big because at the rate little ones grow, I didn't want him to outgrow it before I got it completed!


I can’t tell you how much I LOVED this project! Seeing what everyone else was creating and that could be done with the fabric I sent someone else (when its been in my scrap bin for months) was so cool! For my swaps, I received a package of knits from Suzanne. There was a good mix of boy/girl which was fabulous. I cheated a little and used a bit of her fabrics here and even hinted at our little swap. While I have a few more things cut out or planned for her scraps here’s what else I finished so far. I have had this airplane fabric in and out of my cart so many times at Mabel Madison and was super excited to see it so I HAD to make a shirt for my little man, this is all scraps except the navy trim. This is the Brindille and Twig Lap Tee, for sure one of my go to tops for him. I also have a good friend that is about to have her baby any day now so I made another Brindille and Twig set for her, this is a slightly modified harem cuff pants (minus the cuff to make capris), and the same lap tee but short sleeve and flared out just a tad towards the bottom.


I (Suzanne) was so happy to open up my knit scrap swap package from Sarah, along with some great frozen knit and other goodies were these three pieces that screamed at me to be put together.  My daughter took one look at the hearts and smiles so big exclaiming 'pink and purple!!!!'  I used the Cecille Top by Lily Giggle (full review Here) to make this adorable top!


(Sarah) I received my knit scrap swap from Nicole and I loved every little bit.  Some of it I loved so much that I could not decide what to do with it and it has been relegated to my special hoarded fabric until the absolute perfect project comes along.  A few of the other pieces have already been earmarked for projects that I just haven't gotten to yet.  The three that I did use right away, I used to make scarves. I have gotten really into scarves lately and I have made a few with pieces that I love, but are really too small to do much with.  The great thing about scarves are that they are QUICK and make a statement when you wear them.

Larissa used some of her small knit scraps to make knotted headbands - these are so great for girls with any length hair and take so little fabric that you can make one to coordinate with EVERY outfit!

Undies:  Both kids ad women's underwear are great scrap busters as they take so little fabric to make and you can mix and match fabrics together for a fun funky look!  Both Raedene and Nicole used the Monkeysbug Underwear pattern.

Raedene made Monkeysbug underwear to show off the last of her scraps.

Raedene made Monkeysbug underwear to show off the last of her scraps.

Nicole used her knit scraps to make some adorable undies from Monkeysbug.

Nicole used her knit scraps to make some adorable undies from Monkeysbug.