Spring/Summer Collection: Getting Started

For the next few weeks, we will be taking a look at creating your very own home sewn Spring/Summer clothing (You can check out the 2014 fall collection starting HERE).  We'll be looking at inspiration, fabrics, and of course patterns in order for you to create a customize set of clothing for your kiddos.

So the first step in creating a complete wardrobe is looking at what you already have and deciphering what you need.   My kids are still young, which means they pretty much need an entire new set of clothing EVERY.SINGLE.SEASON!!!!  Luckily I bought big for my boys last year so they are in decent shape.  However, Mack went from a size 3 to a size 5/6 between last summer and now - SIGH!!!!!  It means that she needs everything.  She needs dresses, tops, shorts, capris, skirts, swim wear - EVERYTHING!

So to get started, we need a list.  Now I am planning on starting to potty train her this spring, so I need underwear and extra bottoms to be prepared for accidents.  List list might seem constraining, but for me it is liberating.  Once I know what I need, I can look for amazing patterns that fit the category.  I can look at my pattern hoard and finally get around to sewing up things that have been sitting on my hard drive for far to long.  Here is my starter list:

  • Woven Shorts x 4
  • Knit Shorts x 4
  • Capri Leggings x 3
  • Summer Dresses x 4
  • Short Sleeved Tops x 3
  • Sleeveless Tops x 2
  • Pajamas x 3
  • Swim Suit x 1
  • Skirts x 2
  • Underwear x 5

 Now that I know what I need, I will be spending this week talking about my inspiration.  I find inspiration in fabric, on the runway, in stores, and of course in my own strange brain.

Fabric speaks to me, it is my medium and my muse.  I start most projects by looking at fabric and letting it tell me what it wants to be transformed into.  This attitude helps me look to my stash first - luckily my current stash contains some stunning fabrics from Art Gallery, Micheal Miller, Girl Charlee, and  Carol Van Zandt among others.  This means that Mack is in store for an incredible warm weather wardrobe.


Want to join me in creating your own spring/summer collection???  GREAT!  Your assignment this week is to take stoke of what you have and what you need.  Create your list of what needs to get done - don't worry we'll have plenty of room for what you want to sew too.  Share your list with me on FaceBook #Springcollection2015.  I would also love to see some of your fabric inspiration, so tag us on FaceBook or Intagram.  Share so that we can all be inspired!!!

Come back Wednesday to see some of my favorite fabrics that inspire me!!!