Beautiful Campaign: Swimwear Day 6

When the opportunity came up to make and model my own swimsuit as part of the Beautiful Campaign, I jumped at the chance. I'm over 40, and I've had two kids - what better time to have a go at swimsuit modeling for the first time? And I've never made a swimsuit before - so, I'm out of my comfort zone in every way. Clearly, I can't resist a challenge!


I'm lucky enough to live in Australia, where we have incredible beaches and long hot summer days. (Unfortunately we are heading into winter here now, so an outdoor photoshoot just wasn’t going to happen - you’ll have to use your imagination!).   For me, beautiful is all about having fun - a swim in the ocean, enjoying a dripping ice cream in the sun before it melts, building and digging in the sand with with my kids.  I am the girl who comes home with a smile, a face full of freckles and and my hair full of sand.  I’m not spending my time at the beach worrying about the size of any part of my body, or whether my hair is perfect.  And I’ve learned that freckles are every bit as beautiful as “flawless” skin.

So it turns out that this is exactly the right moment to have a go at swimsuit modeling.  I could never have done this when I was 20 or even 30 - even though i was thinner, younger, more “beautiful” by those standards the world would have us believe make us beautiful.  Because the best thing about getting older for me is perspective, confidence, and knowing what’s important.  I’m happy being me.  As a wise woman recently said - it’s all about owning it and having fun.  In real life - not just in front of the camera.  That’s what makes me beautiful.


I chose the Jalie 3350 One-Piece Swimsuit, because it is a great basic swimsuit - timeless, modest without being dowdy, with a cute twist front option.  It's something I'd feel comfortable wearing to the beach or pool with my family or friends. The pattern also comes with a sweetheart neckline/open back option and 27 sizes for both girls and women. 

I hate shopping for swimwear.  The options in stores here either leave very little to the imagination (not my style), or offer modest choices in basic black or navy.  So, given the chance to make my own, I went for this fabric from Spandex World with a splash of hot pink.  If you are new to sewing swimsuits, I'd definitely recommend this as one to start with - no special notions or techniques required - just elastic and lining, and the fun fabric of your choice.