Beautiful Campaign: Hemispheres Day 2

Welcome back, Today we take a look at the dressier ends of clothing and pdf patterns.  The key with investing in a 'dressy' pattern, is making sure that it is versatile enough that you can still make it multiple times, or that you can make the piece fit into different situations based on how you wear it.

Every time I dress up, my daughter tells me “it is so weird to see you in a _____!” Be it a dress, a blouse, or a skirt with heels. As she gets older, I feel that I need to teach her to be confidant in her own skin. Even without outside influences, I have already heard comments from her about how much she weighs, how she looks, ect... I never have a reason to get dressed up, as I spend my days chasing the kids and making sure they get where they need to be on time. 

When Suzanne brought up the “I am beautiful” project, I loved the idea, but was unsure of what I would/could bring to the table. I was not a popular kid in school. I never followed the fashion trends. I was teased about everything from wearing glasses to my height to being flat chested. I don’t think people realize that the things they say to others stick with them for life, even things that are said when they are still so young. I remember kids teasing me in 3rd grade. I can only hope that in the coming years that our children learn to support each other rather than tearing each other down.

Now, Here I am at age 32, and I am a mother and wife. That sums up my life. Wow, that is a hard pill to swallow. All I have is that. When read it doesn’t seem like a lot. But when I really think about it, it is what makes me feel beautiful and happy. I am raising the future. I work endless hours teaching my children. We opted to homeschool my daughter in the middle of 5th grade. I am teaching her so much more than she would learn in a classroom. I work so hard to make healthy meals for both my kids and my husband. We are so very fortunate that my husband has a job that allows me to stay home with the kids. I am beautiful because I am raising amazing kids!

For my sewing project, I came up with a take it from casual to Date night. I am always going to be “Mom” first, and I guarantee you that I will be in “mom mode” until the last minute. So, I decided I needed an awesome piece in my wardrobe that could go for both looks. Enter the Little Lizard King Petal Perfect Skirt! (We reviewed it Here.). I love the look of the skirt from the moment I saw it! For the casual look, I paired it with a basic tee and some flat sandals so it is easy to chase after my toddler all day. For date night, I paired it with the KB Stitch Designs Laced Ladies Top , and some sexy black heels. I see a date night in my future!

Now for our ladies in the southern hemisphere, I wanted to show off some cool Aussie designers that have some fun patterns that you can add to your wardrobe!!!

I really love all the amazing designs at Style Arc!

Check out the Darla Dress - the lines on this dress will be flattering on many figures, and the ability to color block just add to the versatility.  Pair it with a blazer or tall boots for the perfect fall look - can you imagine this n a gorgeous stretch wool!!!

How about the Mia Dress.  A great side detail is once again flattering for most figures.  Add tights and some booties and you are ready for date night!

Blue Ginger Doll is another Aussie designer you may not be familiar with yet.  She has cute modern designs with a nod to vintage style.  I also love that she isn't a barbie doll, and designs for ladies with curves!

The Betsy Skirt is an amazing high waisted pencil skirt!  It looks divine and would be gorgeous in a wool tweed or hounds-tooth for the cool days ahead.

Then there is the Odette Dress - with three sleeve options, you will wear this year round!

Another designer I stumbled across is Iconic Designs.  I love the simple and elegant lines of the Knot dress.  You could easily alter this pattern into a top to pair with a skirt or slacks and a blazer.


I hope you have been inspired to sew something dressy, and that you have learned about some new styles and designers!  Do you have a favorite Aussie designer for women's patterns!?!?  Tell us in a comment or on Facebook #beautifulcampaign