Beautiful Campaign: Hemisphere Day 3

Today we are taking a look at Business Casual - things that work for work ;o)  Many of us are moms - and working moms make up 50% or more of moms these days.  Moms who pack lunches at night, wake up at the crack of down to hug their kids off to school and then commute to work 9-5, then back home they go for homework, kisses, baths and goodnight when they start the cycle of packing lunched all over again.  Where they find the time to sew is a mystery to me - but they do... cause they are kinda super!

Lisa, one of our AWESOME Aussie team members has sewn up 2 Jocole patterns - a perfect fusion of North meets South.  Jocloe has many patterns that are perfect to wear to the office.  The mix and match series is great for customizing your look for the occasion and the season.  The Pencil and A line skirts are great staples to add to any work ensemble.  Depending on your shape and style, grab the wide leg pants or the skinnies and make them from a great suiting fabric or professional bottom weight.  And don't forget the Peplum top and skater skirt add on, comfort and professionalism all in one.

If your work place leans more towards the business side of business casual, throw on a Champs Elyse Cross Back Blazer or Phresh Blazer from Winter Wear Designs to pull your whole look together.


Hi, Lisa here in Australia, with falling autumn leaves in the background.  Autumn is my favourite season, for the mix of both cool and warm weather, and the beautiful shades of red, yellow and orange scattered all over the ground.  I watch my kids toss leaves in the air and remember the importance and beauty of the simple pleasures in life.

Today, I’m showing my business casual outfit.  It’s difficult to write about feeling beautiful at work, because (thankfully) I have a job which is all about what I do, and not about how I look.  I work in an office where “business casual” is the everyday dress code, and one which can be interpreted in many different ways.  My interpretation is skirts and tops, or pants and blazers.  I like to dress the part – to look and feel smart and professional.  I don’t have to dress in a conservative way, so I can show a little personality with color, style or fabric – and sewing for myself has opened up a whole new world of possibilities.

This outfit started with fabrics that I knew would make me feel beautiful.  The skirt is made from a knit from Purplesseamstress, and I knew immediately that it was going to be a Jocole Pencil Skirt.  The splash of silver adds that little something to a neutral color for winter.  My top is made from a New Zealand Merino (wool)/ Lycra blend, which is just beautiful to wear – in the way it feels and the way it drapes.  It is perfect as a Classy Cowl Neck top, from the Jocole Mix and Match series.  (it is well worth getting into these mix and match patterns - you can make anything you want!).  This gorgeous deep red is one of my favorite colors to wear, and it always gives me a lift – especially in winter, when black is the easy choice.

As much as I have fun with circle skirts for casual wear, I love the look of a pencil skirt, tights and high heels for work in the cooler weather.  However, finding pencil skirts off the rack which fit me well is something I’d largely given up on.   Being able to sew things for myself which fit and flatter my shape is definitely something that makes me feel beautiful.