Beautiful Campaign: Hemisphere day 4

Today we are looking at Southern Hemisphere casual style that will move you from the warmth of summer into the coolness of fall.

We also have an AMAZING giveaway for all our readers in the Southern Hemisphere - this is a giveaway for our Aussie and New Zealand readers only, read all the way to the bottom to find out about our giveaway from Sew Box Subscriptions.


Hi, it’s Marnie here joining in on the fabulous beautiful campaign we are running this month. I live in Sydney, Australia and whilst it is an amazing place to live, as far as I’m concerned, at this time of year, we are on the wrong side of the globe. It is late Autumn here and we are about to enter the long dreaded months of Winter. I love the warmth of Summer and am always sorry to see it go. Fortunately in Sydney, winter is a fairly short lived affair, and basically just takes up a three month block in the middle of the year. Autumn is a lovely season here, the first 4-6 weeks are very warm, and as the temperature starts to cool, I live in my Pattern Emporium Ladies Harem Pants.

I love harem pants. I make all of mine out of rayon challis and they are so comfortable. The first time I made a pair and wore them, I couldn’t believe I was stepping out of the house in something as comfortable as pajama pants. I felt a little self conscious at first, until I started getting compliments about how fabulous they were. Now as soon as the weather cools, I am happy to whip up a few new pairs - they are easy to layer with cardigans and many many t-shirts, and are perfect for trans seasonal weather.

Being comfortable is important to me. I have skin that reacts and breaks out in hives to many fabrics and I find rayon to be comfortable and not at all irritating. Autumn sees the beginning of the Rugby season for us - and as a mother of a couple of boys, our lives are dominated by sports, and in the cooler months, I am always stuck out by a field, entertaining a little girl while her brothers attend rugby training and games. These pants are just so practical for a busy mum on the go.

I wasn’t always happy and comfortable in my own skin. As a teenager I was very awkward - I was painfully thin, I was teased constantly for having red hair and freckles and I really lacked confidence. The best thing about getting older for me has been that I have become very comfortable with who I am, but I am so grateful for my experiences as they have taught me to consider the feelings of others, and to be kind. Kindness is a virtue that I have always found to be so beautiful - the most beautiful women I know are also the kindest women I know. I would love to see more kindness in the online sewing community - with less criticism and more encouragement. I believe by doing so, more women would find the confidence to not only sew for themselves, but to feel confident and beautiful in their own skin.

So whichever season you are heading into (and I am so jealous of you people that are heading into Summer), embrace the beauty that is within you and try some sewing for yourself. And while you are at it, be kind and encourage those that are on a similar journey. It doesn’t take much to comment or like someone’s picture on facebook, but it can make a big difference to the woman that was brave enough to post it.

Happy Sewing and thanks for reading along!


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