Beautiful Campaign: dressing your Shape Day 1

This week we are looking at shape - everyone has a different body shape and size, but if you learn to embrace it rather than fight it, you will be amazed at how much more fun you can have with clothes!!!!  The goal or dressing any shape is to give the illusion of an hourglass.  So, if you were already blessed with an hourglass - go jump up and down and celebrate with your friends because the world is your oyster!!!  But even hourglasses sometimes need tips, so stick with us all week! 

Today we take a look at Casual to the bottom for some great resources for determining your shape!


Beauty. That’s a difficult word. It’s not usually a word I use to describe myself. When I look at my girls, I see beauty. I don’t see the lingering acne scars on my teenager’s face. I see a strong, smart, beautiful young woman. When I look at my 4 year old, I don’t comment about her messy hair and often double chin, I see a bright and vibrant soul who is so loving and caring. That is where I see beauty.

So what about myself? How do I look at myself and see beauty, especially in my shape? I know how I feel. I know that when I try clothes on, I often feel lost and tired and frustrated. I try on and try on and try on and just want to go home and put my pjs back on and crawl in bed. The first step to dressing your body to help you see the beauty that your husband, your mother, your children, and YOU see is figuring out what would look most flattering for your shape. I think it may cut down on that trying on length of time in the store, or I hope it does!

irst, I had to figure out my shape. I thought I was an hourglass… but when I read all the descriptions, I realized I was a pear. You can be tall, short, fat or thin and still be a pear as long as your hips are the widest part of your body. I’m a very voluptuous (isn’t that a beautiful word!) pear. So the goal is to draw attention up and away from the widest part. I found this cute top with a nice v-neck to help elongate my torso. I’m not a jewelry person, but a long and flashy necklace would be great for keeping attention focused up and off my hips. Instead, I borrowed this darker necklace from my 16 year old.

In my research (graduate school made me an excellent researcher), I learned that pears should have long, tailored lines on the bottom. A-line skirts, pencil skirts, bootleg or flared jeans and slacks all work well. My yoga pants? They don’t fit that… So what does fit that? My jeans. I LOVE my jeans! But it’s summer. I need some more go to styles for summer. Shorts should hit above the knee for a pear, like Bermuda length. If your thighs are wider, you don’t want the hemline to stop there, the same goes for skirts. I actually have quite a few shorts that length from stores in the mall (I like Old Navy and New York & Co, shh!). But I am also going to make myself a pair of those new Clemence shorts I picked up in the BundleUp sale (in the longer length, of course) and maybe a pair of Finnley pants from Greenstyle Creations. But since I have plenty of shorts, I decided to go with Tie Dye Diva’s Chocolate Chip Skirt.

Now pear aren’t supposed to have pleats or side pockets… so I left off the pockets for this Chocolate Chip. Pears are also supposed to go darker and solid on the bottom, but I threw caution to the wind and went with the color that gets me the most compliments! I love this print by Joel Dewberry. The vertical lines are supposed to be slimming, which is what you should do for a pear shape if you don’t go with a solid on the bottom.

I love this look. I could totally wear this to the park and out for lunch with the girls. I love how the slight flair of the Chocolate Chip Skirt makes my legs look smaller. The best part is that this pattern is a quick sew! Now I know what shapes and lines to look for when I go to stores. This should cut down on how many pieces I try on before I find something that helps me see my pear-shaped beauty.


When Suzanne asked for us to participate in the Beautiful Shapes Campaign I wasn't sure how I could contribute.  Ten years ago I would have happily volunteered and would have had lots to say about my shape and why I was beautiful.  I expressed my doubts with Suzanne and why I thought I wouldn't fit in.  Suzanne gave me courage to write a post because she reminded me of something that I completely forgot.  Just because my choices in clothing, and body shape has changed over the last 10 years -I'm still beautiful.  What I wear doesn't make me beautiful.  True Beauty is beauty within. This is something that I try to teach my children and I have forgotten it myself.  

Thank you Suzanne for reminding me that I am still beautiful.

Today I'm sharing how I dress my rectangular body shape.  First let me explain what makes me a rectangular shape.  I wear the same size on my top and bottom halves.  I have a small bust with little waist definition.  

To create visual balance I need to create the illusion of a waist.  I own lots of chunky and skinny belts that do the job perfectly.  My wardrobe is more on the simple side.  I usually choose solid colors and I own lots of t-shirts and maxi skirts.  To add a little color and focal interest to my outfits I often accessorize with necklaces.  This also draws the eye upwards and away from my bust.

I chose to sew the Out and About dress by Sew Caroline.  I did modify the pattern to omit the sleeves, adjusted the length, and added lining to the bodice.

This project was a great learning experience for me and I'm glad to be a part of it.  Thank you so much Suzanne for reminding me that I am beautiful no matter what I wear!


These ladies are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here are some resources for finding your shape:

***If you are a combination of two shapes between the two calculators, than mix and match the tips to get the perfect fit for you.  I (suzanne) am a bottom heavy Hourglass, so I combine some pear rules with hourglass rules to get a look I really love.****

Hourglass: I'm not skinny, but this body skimming outfit actually makes me look thinner - the key is to skim your curves, not encase them like a sausage.  The deep V neck balances my wide shoulders while the dark shorts with 5 inch inseam streamline my hips and thighs. *dark doesn't mean to stay away from color!!!!*

The empire waistband works here because the torso is fitted.... hourglasses have to be careful of empire waists with too flowy of mid sections since this disguises our narrowest point - our waist.

Slim cut shorts are hard for me to get used too - since my thighs are an area that I carry weight, but I was shocked to realize how much I loved my legs in these shorts....sometimes you just have to be brave and try something new.

Stick with us all week long as we keep looking at shapes and how to dress them for different occasions.  Share your shape and favorite patterns with us in the comments, or online #beautifulcampaignshape