Everyday Essentials: Getting Started!

If you missed yesterday's Intro - go check it out!!!

Everyday Essential Wardrobe

Purge and Donate

Are you ready to do the work?  We have talked about it, planned for it, and have our mind set but now it's time to actually CLEAN!  This is one of the hardest steps in creating a new wardrobe.  Let's eliminate.

Here are some items that should be eliminated from your wardrobe:

1.  Anything from high school that isn't sentimental.
2.  Formals you will never wear again (yes, I am talking about those bridesmaid dresses).
3.  Uncomfortable or ill fitting clothing.  If you have to squeeze into it, it's out.
4.  Old undergarments.
5.  Stained clothing.
6.  Yoga pants that don't see any warriors.
7.  Trendy garments that were 2 (or more) trends ago.

The most important thing during your purge is to have no fear!!!!

1.  Remove ALL (yes I said all) times from the closet.
2.  Sort the items into piles.  Keep, donate, upcycle, trash.
3.  Put ever single item from the closet into one of these piles.
4.  If your keep pile is the biggest pile, eliminate more items from the keep pile.
5.  If you don't feel comfortable completely getting rid of items, box them up and store them.  If you haven't missed them in 3 months, purge them.
6.  Made sure the keep pile is the smallest pile.

Once you have officially decided on the keep pile, it is time to take inventory.  We need a solid wardrobe based on a few essentials.  If the garments don't fall into one of these categories, you don't really need them.

Here are some categories you might find your garments falling in to:

Tops, Bottoms, Dresses, Outerwear, Shoes, Accessories

The Everyday Essential Wardrobe should have around 30-40 items and include each of the categories above.  There are some items that do not count in that 30-40 items;  event wear, uniforms and I'm not counting shoes.  Your wardrobe might fall into one of these categories:  Soccer Mom Capsule, Business Capsule, Sporty Capsule, Trendsetter/Fashion Plate Capsule, and Earthy Capsule.

Be sure and follow us on Instagram and Facebook and post some photos of your progress with the #everydayessentialwardrobe.  And check back tomorrow to see how we decide on the pieces and patterns that will fit into your wardrobe.

1.  Purge your closet.
2.  Make sure your keep pile includes only the care minimum.
3.  Decide what category your wardrobe will fit into.
4.  Post a before photo on instagram or Facebook with the #everydayessentialwardrobe #patternrevolution tags.
5.  Come back tomorrow to plan out patterns.

I've made my pinterest board for my Soccer Mom Capsule.  I would love to see your pinboard.


What category does your wardrobe fit into?  Soccer Mom, Business, Sporty, Trendsetter/Fashion Plate, or Earthy Capsule?  Leave a comment.