Everyday Essentials: What it is all about!!!

Simplifying Life, Building an Everyday Essential Wardrobe

I'm sure you have read about a capsule wardrobe, it is a very popular subject right now.  The idea is building a wardrobe based on season and essential wardrobe pieces.  The idea of building an essential wardrobe translates perfectly to the modern sewist.  Let's explore the capsule idea for a minute.

A capsule represents a mini collection of a designers larger body of work for a season, but also is a small container.   Related to capsule is the caisson (kason); a wagon or a pioneer wagon.  Do you remember the Top Stitcher challenge?  I was lucky enough to participate in the Pioneer Challenge and explore uncharted sewing territory.  For me, the Everyday Essential Wardrobe represents exploring the unknown, striking new ground and keeping only what is needed(the essentials).

There are a few important steps we will be taking through this journey of an Everyday Essential Wardrobe.  This is just the timeline, there will be suggestions and in depth discussion on each topic.

1.  Decide on Everyday Essential Wardrobe - I will give you my essential pieces and pattern choices.
2.  Inventory and eliminate
3.  Choose patterns and sew wardrobe
4.  Mix and match the wardrobe
5.  Revisit your closet every 3 months

This will be a fun and liberating journey.  There is nothing more freeing than getting rid of the junk from this crazy life.  Let's step back, eliminate and simplify our lives together.  On June 1 get ready to strike new ground, explore the unknown and keep only what you need.

Here is my closet, does it look like yours?  I can't even open the door all the way!  Ridiculous!  Let's make a pinkie promise to work together to get our closets organized and our wardrobe paired down to essentials.  Are you with me?


PS - Be sure to commit to make an Everyday Essential Wardrobe with me.  Leave me a comment so we can be accountable to one another, this is a difficult but life changing challenge.  We have some awesome sponsors to go along with the Everyday Essential Wardrobe Challenge, so be sure to sew along and tune in!  It's going to be sew fun.