Swim Week: Jalie for the Tween Scene

Hi! Melissa from Sassy Fras https://www.facebook.com/sassyfrasdesign here again. As it is FINALLY feeling like summer in the Midwest, swimming & swimsuit season is bearing down on us. First on my list were a few tough sews. #1 - a young teen. #2 - a "husky" boy. Both are a huge reason I love to sew - fitting kids who are hard to fit. And pleasing kids who are hard to please!

I used Jalie 2678 for my little guy who is built like a linebacker (dad is 6'4", so we're expecting this trend to continue) The great thing about Jalie is the extended sizes - 2 toddler through 47 men's in one pattern. That means for now, and years to come, I can choose based on his waist measurement & then slice & dice the pattern where indicated & do length based on his actual height.

First - traced pattern as drafted, then sorted into piles that needed shortened & ones that didn't.

Jalie makes it easy because lengthen/shorten lines are on pattern pieces as needed.

Cut the pieces on the line as directed & then take the length out as needed.(And while this might seem second nature to some, I was thankful for the markings on the pattern. I would have, on autopilot, just taken length off the bottom of the legs - which would have resulted in much more rise than my child needed!)

Due to lack of planning ahead, I didn't have eyelets & so did small buttonholes for the drawstring.

I skipped the key pocket because, well, he's 5! No keys, but something creepy or crawly would end up in there. “Frog pocket” is just a bad idea.



For my teen, Jalie 3247 was the choice. It's a dance wear pattern that we'll use for dance class many times, but very adaptable for swimwear. Three views for the top, two choices for bottoms, and again in extended sizes - size 12 mo. through 14 women's. The pattern calls for Fold Over Elastic. However "FOE" is my foe. And for a swimsuit that made my teen a little more happy, using elastic sewn to wrong side & flipping & topstitching resulted in thinner straps & just a wee bit more deeper-scooped top.

I cut one layer as pattern piece directed, then the print layer the same size at the neck and part way down the side, and took a turn from there to add a fun shape. In this way, we weren't losing the coverage & support of the sports-bra like top, but were able to add some "fun" to it.

Next on her list is one in a solid print on top cut into fringe, and one with ruching up the front, or a twisted & draped front. Lots of possibilities! Coverage that I like for her, and practical to swim & rough house, but fun design elements.

One afternoon of sewing=two suits & not having to go to the store & drive myself batty trying to find something to fit the bill!