Sewing with your Kids: A Tween Sews

Today we kick off a week of sewing with your kids.  School is out and the kiddos are underfoot, which may be cramping your sewing style - but rather than give up your favorite hobby or business, invite your kids to join in and you may be surprised how much fun you all have.

Today we have Larissa's daughter Jody sharing her sewing experiences with us - straight from her mouth!!!


HI, I'm Jody, in my time sewing so far I have found some trouble and some simplicity. Some projects were too hard for me, while others only took me five minutes.  The patterns that I have sewn so far were from Jocole,  Cole's Corner and Creations, and Tie Dye Diva. I plan to expand into the others as I learn and become more experienced. I love to sew and want to try as many patterns as I can.

         The Jocole pattern I made was pretty simple but came out too short and I had to cut my maxi skirt to knee length. I attempted to make her yoga A-line skirt, which would have been easier without my little brother trying to walk on it, and loved her pattern! Besides sharing a first name with me, she is talented and makes wonderful patterns that are easy to follow. One of my favorite patterns from her is the endless dress. It has so many options and possibilities! I adore her patterns and hope to sew even more of her fabulous designs.

         Coles Corner has many beautiful patterns and wonderful designs. I am making a Buttercup Dress. I'm still trying to figure out the binding on the dress and can't wait until I do! This is my second knit project and my first dress. I love these patterns and love the stylish vibes they have. I wore the cheerleader dress for Halloween and my brother wore the jacket along with me. They make some interesting patterns and are very impressive.

         Tie Dye Diva's Potato Chip Skirt is a very addicting skirt and an adorable pattern! I made one and wanted to make so many more! I got confused while making the skirt, but this was my first pattern I had sewn all by myself and I'm glad I didn't give up! The skirt came out great!  One of the mistakes I made was I kept finding holes everywhere and had trouble fixing them (my mom says I need to work on following a seam allowance). I love all of her patterns and want to sew almost all of them! Her designs are lovely and so cute!

         All designers are amazing and I hope someday to be half as good as they are. Not only do I adore the designs, but the differences in style. The style is what make all designs unique. I adore all patterns and always want to wear handmade. I hope to learn even more through patterns. I also hope to be able to create my very own style someday too. I hope to inspire and create awesome designs and be just like all the other designers in my near future.