(Almost) Stress Free Sewing Lessons

Robin here!!!!  My oldest son, Aden, is always asking me when he can have his next sewing lesson. It's been almost a year since he has gotten behind the machine, so I knew he would need a bit of a quick refresher course before he started any new projects. I started out thinking he could make a little gift card holder for his teacher for an end of the year gift.

Apparently though, sewing is not like riding a bike, at least not for my 9 year old. Pressed for time, I knew I needed to set him up with a crash refresher course on the basics. Enter our affiliate EYMM's Little Seamstress Lessons...they saved the day!

This affordable ($2.99 regular, on sale today 6/16 for $1.99) teaching tool is a .PDF download that includes 26 pages of instructional and printable materials organized by graduated difficulty. I've done little lessons like this with him before where I sketched out quick little drawings on paper for him to sew, but it was especially nice to be able to set him up with these knowing that he would be presented skills in the order he would need to learn them without any additional thought from me. I am a busy mom of three, so creating my own sewing curriculum for him has not been a priority.

I really loved how EASY these made it for me to just throw him behind the machine and get started. I would say these are stress free sewing lessons, but you do still have that little fear in the back of your mind that your kid might sew through his/her finger while getting the handle on the speed control. 

My favorite thing about these lessons is that they are QUICK and provide your child with an instant sense of accomplishment that builds confidence. Unlike sewing lessons that take an hour or more to complete (or maybe not even complete) the first simple project, these cater to the limited attention span of children. When Aden finished the first project in 10 minutes, he looked it over and was excited by his accomplishment and couldn't wait to start on the next one. 

I am so glad we got these, and I know I'll be using them again when my other two kids are ready to start sewing. I may even purchase the Classroom License since I've been contemplating teaching sewing lessons in our community. 

Want the Little Seamstress Lessons to jumpstart summer sewing for your kids? Buy them HERE from our affiliate partner EYMM.