Sewing with your Kids: Even toddlers can participate!!!

We are continuing our week of Sewing with your kids.... now I have toddlers/preschoolers.... and if you are in the same boat, sewing WITH your kids may sound like torture or an exercise in futility rather than a fun way to pass a summer afternoon.  But even if your kiddos aren't quite at the 'sewing' stage yet, that doesn't mean that they can't participate in a project with you!  Read how Serena is passing on the love of creation to her daughter.


Sewing with a toddler doesn’t have to be impossible, but it can be a diva fest too! My little has quite the personality and knows what she likes, anything princess is on our daily list. 

We started out our day like most of them searching for the perfect princess outfit, these days she’s wanting more play instead of dress up, those just get in the way with their scratchy material and no playground usage. Taking a three year old to the fabric store can last hours on hours on hours, her quote too! We finally decided on Rapunzel, Cinderella, Ariel, and an outfit that had all the princesses when it was too hard to decide. I took the Made For Mermaid’s Molly pattern and made some small modifications to turn it into an everyday princess top; the Lily Giggle’s Rings of Ruffles Pants pattern was a perfect knit play Capri or shorts that went great with the tops. These days I love a long top for my little so that she can get some long use out of it. 

Rapunzel was made with an added strip on the arm ruffle piece, eyelet trim on top, as well as a faux corset top. 

Cinderella was the easiest one with  only an added chiffon half circle to the skirt.

Ariel has the perfect skirt material found at Joanns with a tulle underskirt. The purple trim on the bodice was a bit tricky but works perfectly to look like Ariel’s shells! 

The ‘every princess’ top is perfect for when you just can’t decide on who you want to be that day. 

A week at Disneyland can be easy now with a different princess top for everyday of the week!

Happy sewing,