Going on Vacation: Quick and Cool

We're keeping it stress free here at Pattern Revolution as we prepare for Vacation season.  So what  is better for your vacation planning than a quick, versatile, and breezy pattern?  This is certainly a pattern that will fit into your 1 hour of sewing this week with KCW.  Check out the two versions of the Scarlett Sun Suit by The Simple Life Pattern Co. that Kim sewed up for her vacation!


Is everybody ready for summer vacation?  Well, here I am not quite ready, but Mila’s wardrobe is half there : ).  My intentions for this post was to have a cute little sleeping bag for Mila created and photographed, a just as cute duffle bag filled with handmade toys to entertain for the long car ride and maybe 4 cute outfits that had been created just for the purpose of the vacation.  Well guess what!  I did not get it all done in time : (. To be exact I have two outfits done in time.  So that is what I am sharing. : )

Our summer vacation will be happening in July or possibly late August.  We like to wait for the last minute and score a last minute deal on a cabin or hotel.  That way we also kind of surprise ourselves with what exactly we are doing.  Sometimes here in Minnesota you can score half off if there are vacant cabins.  Sometimes though, there are no cabins!  So it’s not always a good idea.  Last year we went to Wisconsin Dells- a vacation town that holds a bazillion water parks.  This year we are heading north.  Our intentions Brainerd, Minnesota.  Once again a vacation town, but instead of water parks Brainerd is filled with lakefront resorts. There will be plenty of in and out of water activities for the family.  Mila’s wardrobe is really going to need to be comfy and keep her cool, it will also need to be airy because the chances for her outfits getting wet are very likely : ).   How about I just get to explaining what I did make for our vacation.

Ok, here it is  : ) So far I have made two outfits from the Simple Life Pattern Company’s Scarlett Sun Suit.  I chose this outfit because it sews up soooo quick, it is extremely comfortable.  Well at least I think it looks extremely comfortable, and incase it is 105 degrees Mila should still stay cool.  

The pattern includes tons of options including three rows of ruffles on the bum, flutters on the shoulder straps and bows on the front center or straps.  I am completely in love with this fabric so I kept it simple and only did the flutters.

I also used the Scarlett Sunsuit to create this adorable dress.  I used all of the same idea as the original pattern- shirring, rolled hem but instead of cutting out the romper, I just held the fabric up to Mila to get the correct length.  I then cut the pattern on the top to get the correct fit and angled it a bit out to have an a-line fit.  I love it!  And wowza, I bet it took 15 minutes to sew!  I plan to make a few more of these for our summer vacation.  

If you are having a busy summer like me, the Scarlett Sunsuit is a great option for a quick summer vacation wardrobe for your little one  : )  I also have to give this fabric credit as well!  My supplier is the nicest lady ever!  Her name is Christine and is just starting to fill up her shop with gorgeous fabrics like these so please stop and check her out- https://www.etsy.com/shop/ThreadStichesFabric

I did not get this fabric for free to post about Christine’s shop, I just really like my supplier : )