Everyday Essential Wardrobe: Show it Off

Everyday Essential Wardrobe

Plan Outfits

Today we are ready to put together outfits!  Are you excited?  These are just a few outfits I've put together with the patterns I made, but there are really endless combinations I can make with these pieces.

Megan Nielsen Eucalypt Tank (with upcycled t-shirt fabric)
LLK Everyday Lady Skirt with Thicket in Honey from Hawthorne Threads

WWD Button Up Shirt with Slub Chambray in Indigo
Filles A Maman Clemence Shorts with Essex in Slate from Hawthorne Threads

WWD Giverney Blazer with Stretch Denim from Girl Charlee
Jocole Wide Leg Pants (as shorts) Thatched in Desert Rose from Hawthorne Threads

Jocole Wide Leg Shorts

Jocole Wide Leg Shorts

Striped Swallow Coachella Shorts with upcycled knit fabric from a dress

Filles A Maman Clemence Shorts with Essex in Slate From Hawthorne Threads

WWD La Croix  in a knit from Girl Charlee
Jocole Wide Leg Shorts

Jocole Wide Leg Shorts

Greenstyle Centerfield Raglan
Jocole Wide Leg Pants

Callie Faye Basics Dress with Essex in Slate from Hawthorne Threads

So, one of the REALLY cool things I found while I was planning the Everyday Essential Wardrobe is an app that helps me plan, keep track of and put together outfits.  It's super simple to use and I was able to quickly put all of my wardrobe pieces into the app.  The app is called Stylebook Closet App and it is so fun!  
I was able to create this look within seconds.  I love being able to see the outfit put together, plan what I'm going to wear tomorrow and then keep track of what I wore this passed week.  You can enter all of your pieces into categories and mix and match until your heart is content!  So fun!

I hope you have enjoyed this series as much as I have.  It has been a pleasure to make my own Everyday Essential Wardrobe and I look forward to a summer full of different looks.  I hope you will share some of your creations with me on Instagram or Facebook using #everydayessentialwardrobe.

Share some of your favorite Everyday Essential Wardrobe patterns or fabrics in the comments.


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