Strength and Form: Gymnastics for boys

We're back with more great sewing for dance and gymnastics.  It can often be easy to find a gazillion great patterns for girls and then very little for boys; but thanks to Jalie, there are actually some great boys sewing options in the dance/gymnastics genre.  

I just love this one piece Jalie biketard, Ari of Max California is sewing it up for gymnastics, but this would also fit the requirements for my son's first ballet class (black shorts and semi fitted tank).  Score!!! 


So there was a choice between Soccer, Gymnastics or Hip Hop this semester; and the little dude chose gymnastics. Although it’s a sport filled with incredibly strong and talented men, it still has a big stigma as a ‘girl’ sport. Fortunately for Vincent, he doesn’t know or care - and neither does his mama! I absolutely love the discipline in this sport, and I love watching him get stronger and more flexible every week! It’s definitely something this little guy needed in his life.

He loves wearing leggings as it is, so when I told him I was sewing him up a special leotard for gymnastics he was more than a little excited, although confused. I sewed up the Jalie Biketard (Pattern #2912) which gives you options for a leotard, a singlet or a biketard (which I have discovered is the name for the leotard with shorts on.) Easiest sew EVER. Seriously. It took longer to stick the pieces together than it did to sew it all up.

The pattern comes in a multitude of sizes, which is difficult if you only want to do one size, but if you have a scroll through the pages before you print them you can figure out easily enough which pieces you need and which you don’t. I sewed up View D for Vincent, in the size I (which is the equivalent to a straight size 5). For this i printed pages 15-20 + 25-32 (future reference for anyone else sewing this up!).

The little dude loves it and is pretty psyched to be wearing it tomorrow afternoon for gym!