TuTu Cute!!! Ballet with Jalie

All right - I will confess, I didn't plan on participating in dance week.  I set it up and gathered patterns for our amazing team and watched them share inspiration and start to sew.  I felt a bit wistful, but I didn't really have the need.  And then it happened.....I bit the bullet and signed Mack and Bex up for Ballet 1 - EEEEEEEKKKKKKK.  Suddenly I needed dance wear, and fast!  Luckily for me, one of our team members needed to pull out of her slot and I snatched it up - I need the motivation of post deadlines to get things done in a timely matter - anyone else????  So here is my version of the Jalie Princess Seam Leotard with Tutu skirt.

So this outfit is all Mack - my ballerina princess - gah I love her (yes, just let me mommy gush and be 'that mom' for a second).  For class, Mack has to wear a black leotard, pink tights, and her hair in a bun - sadly she can't wear skirts to class, so I made the skirt with just a simple elastic top so that she can throw it on for dress up, but not wear it to class.

I made a few modifications in attaching the bottoms to the top just to make it more of a practice leo and simpler for her little pot belly self.

I also modified the straps - note to other seamstresses, check your strap length before finishing your leotard!!!  I simply pulled them to the center and top stitched  them together to create a racer back.  As Mack gets taller, I can easily let this modification out to give her more strap length - and it is just a cute modern detail for now ;o)

I am so happy with this leo, and the tutu is perfection!

All fabric is from Joann Fabric Store

All fabric is from Joann Fabric Store

I am so glad that I have at least one leotard pattern done and I will be making many more.  And yes - I will be picking her up ballet pink tights and ballet shoes this week - nothing like last minute shopping ;op