Budget Stretching Back to School Mashup featuring LilyGiggle

Hello, It’s Marnie from Horris and Deedle here sharing with you a fun and simple pattern mash from LilyGiggle. I really like LilyGiggle patterns - I find the fit to be spot on and the instructions are great. I prefer to sew with knits and LilyGiggle has plenty of patterns to choose from. I love the Tybee tank dress, but it is winter here and still a little cold for wearing a tank top style dress, so today I am sharing a very simple pattern mash with you - the Tybee tank dress with the Cecille top and dress. (See our reviews of these two patterns HERE)

I have used a soft merino wool jersey for a winter version of this and cotton lycra for a spring version, for when the warm weather hits next month. Zoe is measuring just above a 3T for this pattern. I find LilyGiggle patterns very accurate for the measurements specified, but it is important to always measure when doing a pattern hack, especially if you have not sewn either pattern before. We only have about three weeks left of winter weather where i live in Australia (I hope), so I used size 3 pattern pieces for my winter dress, but size 4 for the short sleeve one, to accommodate some growth.

This is an incredibly simple pattern mash - and retains some of the cutest features of both patterns, the drop waist and swingy little skirt of the Tybee tank dress, and the amazing bishop sleeves of the Cecille dress. Zoe loves this skirt because it twirls when she spins - and I love it too because it is cleverly designed to use very little fabric so it is perfect for all those cotton lycra scraps that I cant bear to throw away! Both of these dresses are made from my scraps bin!

For this pattern mash you will need the following:

The Tybee Tank Top and Dress Pattern - skirt pieces and waistband pieces

The Cecille Top and Dress Pattern - front and back top pieces, neckband, sleeves and sleeve bands.

It is so simple that I feel a bit silly explaining it!!

  1. Cut out your skirt front and back pieces

  2. Cut out your waistband pieces

  3. Cut out your top front and back pieces but add a ½ inch to an inch to the length at the bottom depending on exactly where you want the skirt waistband to fall. Zoe has a real little pot belly, so I tend to need a little extra length in her tops to ensure I get the waistband just under the belly.

  4. Cut out your sleeve pieces, bands and neckband.

It will look something like this (except mine below is missing the neckband)

5. Take your skirt front and sew to the bottom of the waistband piece. Then take your top piece and sew to the top portion of the waistband. Repeat for the back pieces.

6. Sew front to back at shoulder seams. Add the sleeve as per the Cecille top pattern instructions. Then sew from the bottom of the sleeve up to where the sleeve meets the bottom of the armscycle, and then down the side seams of the dress. Take great care to pin at the points where the front and back meet at the waistband pieces to ensure they line up when you sew the seam.

7. Hem the dress as per the Tybee tank top and dress pattern instructions

8. Add the neckband as per the Cecille top and dress pattern instructions. Add the sleeve bands too and you are all finished.

Simple, wasn’t it!! It’s really easy to fiddle with the patterns that you already own to create different looks - the only limit is your imagination.

Thank you for following along,