Gearing up for 2016 & The Posts You Loved in 2015

Happy New Year!!!!

We are about to launch our new campaign for January - New Year, New Uses.  We hope to give you creative food for thought as you look at what you have and what you buy in new ways.  This idea isn't new to Pattern Revolution, you'll find lots of great content on the blog if you search 'Upcycling', 'Mashups', and 'Scraps'.  But we just want it to become more of our focus in 2016 as we look at things in a new way and stretch ourselves to learn and grow in our creativity.

We will be using our Newsletter quite a bit more this year - exclusive free patterns, discount codes, and insider content!!!  Make sure to sign up so that you don't miss out.

So until we launch 'New Year, New Uses' on Monday, I'll leave you with our Top 10 posts from 2015!!!

  1. Scraps Scraps Everywhere
  2. Free Cuffed Stocking
  3. The Bay Top and Dress by Brownie Goose
  4. The Perfect Minnie Mouse Dress
  5. Sew Many Dresses Book Review
  6. Exciting New Pattern Release (April Fools Post)
  7. Women's Bundle Up
  8. Sewing With Toddlers
  9. Top Stitchers: Cinderella Challenge
  10. Back to School in Style