New Year, New Uses:

Welcome back to day two of Sew Your Stash.  This is such a simple and fun challenge - find some fabric in your stash and a pattern you own and haven't sewn and MAKE IT!!!  You wont be sewing alone, I'm sewing as are people all through the sewing community, so join us over in the Pattern Revolution Facebook Page and share what you are working on. #newyearnewusessys

Alexis is here today to sew her stash - and ummmmm, I think I want access to her stash - dang girl, these are pretty!!!!  Check out what she does with the Cali Faye Valley Blouse.


Hello, Alexis here and excited to share with you a fun challenge I did with Pattern Revolution. I have been dying to sew through my fabric and pattern stash for years now! I know there are so many of you out there who feel the same way. When the Pattern Revolution ladies asked who would be interested I thought it’s time.  Time to conquer the fabric and pattern stash, wahoo!!


For this challenge I used The Cali Faye Valley Blouse. I have been a HUGE fan of Cali Faye for a long time and I purchased the Valley Blouse top a while back with a plan to make my daughter some tops for school. However life got in the way, as it always does and I did not have a chance to start. I made two tops for this challenge, both with slight modifications. For one I made short sleeve and the other I kept long sleeve and for both I eliminated the button closure on the bodice. This top style is not too over the top or have any ruffle so It worked well for my 11 yr old who is becoming pickier and pickier, UGH! I need to make myself a top (I may or may not have tried her top on to see if it would fit me-lol)


As I mentioned earlier I am making these tops for my daughter to wear to school. So I let her pick out the fabric. Ok, well I narrowed the fabric selection down a bit and let her pick from there. I LOVE the fabric she picked and infact I plan to make myself a woman Valley Blouse in the same fabric. For these two blouses I used The Paperie Fabric Collection by Amy Sinibaldi  and Art Gallery Fabrics. The Manuscript and Happily Ever After prints meshed perfectly with the Valley Blouse.  Those hearts slay me, I love them so much!

Now, I challenge you to sew through your fabric and pattern stash! What will you make? Make sure you share with us on the Pattern Revolution page.