New Year, New Uses: Sew Your Stash, Sew Simple

Raise your hand if you have accepted the PR Sew Your Stash Challenge......ok, if your hand isn't up I'm going to assume it is becasue you haven't heard about this yet.  This isn't some crazy 'sew your ENTIRE stash new years resolution thing' that you could never in a gazillion years accomplish.  This is a very simple, very practical challenge.  Sew one thing.  Yep, just one.  Sew one thing using fabric from your stash and a pattern you haven't used yet (if you have few patterns and have sewn them all, congrats, just pick anything you want to sew again that you already own).  That's it - that simple.  I wouldn't be surprised if you find it a bit addicting.

Today, Rebekah shows off the Alley Cat Romper from Lil Luxe as she dives into her stash and pulls out some colorful custom knit as playful as her daughter's spirit.  Check it out and join us on Facebook to show off your own creations.  #newyearnewusessys


So confession time.  I buy patterns.  I also buy fabric.  Apparently I am a collector (some say hoarder) of both of these because many of them sit around for years just patiently waiting to be used.  Occasionally I will admire both and dream of the fabulous things we will make together.  Other times I will justify it by the saying, “He who dies with the most fabric (and patterns) wins”!  I am a contender in that contest then and I’m pretty sure you all are stiff competition!  So this challenge challenged me to stop with the good intentions and make all that dreaming a reality.

The pattern I chose was the Alley Cat Romper by Lil Luxe Collection.  I bought this pattern not long after it came out and loved it then.  Then Jessica, the designer,  made it even more fabulous by adding long sleeves to it making it so perfect for fall and winter! It comes in sizes 18mo-8 so it will last my girl quite awhile too.  I love the modern style of this romper with the harem pant bottoms and empire waist.  Perfect for my 2yr old as she can run, jump, and dance in it but still be stylish and comfy.  I sewed up the 18mo and the fit is just perfection!  So quick and easy that it left me wondering why I haven’t made more of these?

Now a fun pattern requires fun fabric too.  This fabric came from a destash group on Facebook back when I first discovered there were fabric groups on Facebook.  Yes, that was ages ago!  I have since unjoined many groups as fabric kept piling up and usage was going down.  Since I have sewn this up, does that mean I can get more?  Honestly though, looking for the perfect fabric to sew this was like going shopping in my own stash as I rediscovered some of the fabric I already had.  

So now ladies, it’s your turn.  Stop dreaming of the perfect outfit and make it happen.  Go shopping in your own pattern stash and fabric stash and get sewing. You will discover you did buy these things for a reason.  So get sewing :)!