New Year, New Uses: Sew for Love

Nacole closed out our week of sewing our stashes. but that doesn't mean that it is too late for you to join in the Sew Your Stash Challenge!!!  It is never to late to start, so don't forget to share with us on Facebook. #newyearnewusessys

We have also found a killer deal that we don't want you to miss out on.  Custom Buttons from Bethany Lane are once again available - but only until 1/20/2016!!!  So head over and grab some buttons - Nacole has them featured on her dress, and we got some last year for PR - these things are so cool!.

Here is Nacole - sharing her Valentine Ginger Dress from Violette Filed Threads.


Howdy everyone! Nacole here sharing with you my Sew your Stash challenge I did with the Ginger dress and top by Violette Field Threads . I must admit that this pattern is not my only pattern that I have in my collection (Oh yes! Our patterns we own are definitely collections :) ) that I have not created anything with yet.  Have you ever seen a pattern and thought I must have it, get it then time seems get in the way and life happens. That is exactly what happened to me with this pattern. I bought the pattern the day it was released and it sat. Everytime I’d see one posted online I would ohh and ahh. When I saw the Sew your Stash challenge I knew exactly what I wanted to do.



I decided to make a Valentine’s day Ginger dress. I used Riley Blake’s lost and found love by my mind's eye that I found at Beyond Fabric . I'm sure your fabric stash is a lot like mine. Large and in charge but this fabric just screams sweetheart to me so I had to use it! I tell myself all the time I will not buy fabric for such and such time. That seems to never happen for me!  I stuck to the pattern for the most part with only a few modifications. I shorted the collar tabs on the front to keep the heart in the middle from being hidden. I added a bottom band, changed the way the pattern called for the back to be constructed to have no exposed seams and the skirt panels to be fully gathered across. I love the outcome and my spunky little girl did too.

One of my favorite features of this pattern is the overall “retro” look of it. From the collar to the sweetheart bodice and those side tabs! LOVE! On my side tabs I used the contrasting fabric and added personalized wooden buttons I ordered from Bethany Lane awhile back while they were having a sale. I loved them so I got them in every size. They are currently having a sale so you can grab some of your very own personalized buttons for your creations out of 7 different styles and sizes!

I know the thought of using some fabric from your stash, whether it be something that you treasure, something that is hard to find or, some new fabulous fabric you just bought last week seems totally scary however the end result will be fantastic. Just think, that fabric you love you will actually see more often once it's sewn up into something rather than folded up in a pile in your craft room. :)

I'd love to see what y’all make with your Sew your Stash creations! Please share with us in the Pattern Revolution Group ! I can't wait to see what you come up with! Happy Sewing!