New Year, New Uses: Mash Up Violette Field Threads

Are you ready for some mash up inspiration???  Mash ups don't have to be huge and hard and complicated.  Some of the best mashups in fact are the simplest.  If you are just starting out, my biggest tip is to mash within one designer.  You will find that most of their bodices are built around a very similar set of measurements and are there for easier to mix and match details from one to another.

Today Jo is taking the Violette Field Threads Annabelle and Kate dreses and mixing them up into an adorable dress with just the right amount of vintage flair.


Hi, this is Jo from Lemon Drop Closet. I am super excited to share my mashup with you. Just look at all of this cuteness. How could you possibly go wrong with any of Violette Field Thread patterns!

 I had this really cute paper doll fabric from penny rose and that is when the Kate pattern popped in my head. How perfect is that apron with that fabric! Just making the Kate as is would been great also but...this is my mashup so I needed to choose a different bodice to go with my skirt and apron. I chose the Annabelle bodice to go with my Kate skirt and apron. I just absolutely adore the Annabelle shoulder straps and the front bodice panel of the Annabelle Violette Field Threads pattern. 

  There were no adjustments needed to create this mashup. I edged my bodice center insert with mini pom fringe, and just attached the bodice to the skirt and apron as normal. It was as simple as that! I just adore these two patterns together. I will certainly be making more very soon for both of my daughters. I think this mashup turned my daughter into a cute paper doll!