New Year, New Uses: Mash Up the Lennon-Mazing Dress

Mash up week has been so much fun so far, and it is far from over!  So far we have talked about mashing within one designer's collection, mashing between different designers but with similar type of design, and today we are going to look at taking two patterns that don't seemingly go together and creating an entirely new creation.

Rebekah has mashed up the Brownie Goose Lennon Dress and the Little Lizard Ani-mazing skirt to make a Lennon-Mazing Dress.


Hey everyone!  It’s Rebekah from Rebekah Sews.  Today I am sooooo excited to share my Mash up with you.  I don’t do mash ups very much.  I will tweek patterns but I think I’ve only ever mashed up a pattern a couple of times.  When I signed up for this I had no idea what I was possibly going to do.  Then it hit me, and I couldn’t be happier with the results.

I’m sure from the photos you already can guess what I did.  If you can’t, well let me just tell you.  I took the Brownie Goose Lennon Dress and Blouse pattern and mashed it with Little Lizard King’s Ani-Mazing Skirt.  Honestly this was like a match made in heaven.  It did make it easier as Lennon came with a dress option so that was a great foundation.  

For both I used size 18mo.  I did have to make a couple modifications, but nothing major.  I followed all the instructions for making the top of the Lennon dress but for the waistband I used the waistband of the Lennon but made it as thick (length) as what was called for for the Skirt and just folded the top down ¾” and attached like the waistband of the Lennon.  Of course when putting on the waistbands I forgot the back loops and front strap and ears so seam ripping was necessary.  Sometimes you get into making one thing and forget about the components of the other!  Now, the skirt pattern calls for a button closure however the Lennon calls for a zipper. I chose to go with the zipper option, thus not needing the longer back waistband of the skirt.  Of course I chose an exposed zipper so I didn’t do the zipper quite like the pattern called for.  Yup, gotta do things a little differently!  For the skirt I chose the length in the Skirt pattern and omitted the back placket.  I found that extending the zipper into the skirt wasn’t needed so it just went down the blouse and into the waistband.  

It all worked like a dream and I couldn’t be happier.  I love not having to find a top to go with a skirt as I seem to never have to perfect one. So having a dress works so much easier for me.  Guess you can say mashing things up makes for more convenient clothes for this mama!