New Year New Uses: Fancy that Notion

I can't believe that we are 3/4 of the way through January - wasn't yesterday Christmas????  I hope you are all having fun and enjoying this month of finding new uses for things in your life.  So far we have take an look at Upcycling, Stash Sewing, and Mash Ups.  Today we take a look at the notions that give our sewing creations that extra special something.

If you are looking for that 'thing' in 2016 that will take your sewing to the next level, you are going to want to find a new way to look at incorporating notions.  Now, what are 'notions'?  Really, anything that isn't your main fabric for creating a garment is a notion; so your buttons, zippers, bias tape, hem tape, lace, sequins, even your thread can become a notion depending on how you use it.

I will say that the key in using notions is  the old adage 'less is more'... unless you are going all out, and then MORE is more - hahahahah, really there are no rules, just make sure it adds to the amazing-ness of your garment and doesn't distract from it.

Here are just a few of my favorite notions posts to get you thinking.

Sewing Sequins by Hand