NYNU: Sew With {ALL} The Notions!

Remember when I told you at the beginning of this notions week that when you sew with notions, less is more - unless MORE is more.  Hahahahah, we today, is a MORE is MORE kind of day.  We've got lace, and piping, and sequins, and multiple kinds of buttons oh my!  But, it is all woven together with such taste that this little gem of a dress from Cassie is an instant classic.  Check it out and share all your inspired creations with us on Facebook!!!


Hey there!! Cassie here, from Lily Shine, sewing like crazy with notions, notions and more notions!

Lately I've been in a "less is more" mood but when the opportunity to "Sew With ALL the Notions" arose, I didn't take the challenge lightly! Today I'll share with you some of my favorite sewing tools and embellishments to take your project from simple to stunning! 

Let's first discuss my favorite sewing tools. In the prep stages, I cannot live without my rotary cutting mat (not pictured because well, it's just not very pretty), a long transparent ruler and a super sharp rotary cutter. There's nothing worse than a lousy, dull rotary blade that *almost* makes you pull out the scissors!! I use my rotary cutter, mat and ruler to cut out the pattern pieces and rectangular cuts of fabric in a jiffy. Second, a water-soluble/disappearing marker. When it comes to sewing with patterns that require some type of marking, a marker stand out more than chalk, is easier to work with than a pesky pin, and can be quickly removed. I used my marker for marking where the bodice tabs needed to be positioned, where the buttons needed to be placed and drew heart outlines as a template for the sequins. 

In the sewing stage, a new must have for me are these great clips! They are great for holding fabric together and are so much faster to use than putting in and pulling out pins. I'm all about efficiency! I use the clips when constructing the bodice, putting the skirt pieces together and especially when gathering the skirt to the bodice. Lastly, for those pull-out-your-hair-because-this-is-a-hot-mess moments (which I'm sure you never have), a seam ripper with a handy rubber cap. The rubber end is great for brushing off those little thread clippings with little to no effort. During this project, I may have used it a few times...just a few ;) 

In the finishing stages, I cannot seem to sew an enclosed bodice without whipping out my handy, dandy, stitch witchery. The 5/8 inch fusible webbing helps hold the bodice and skirt together while you flip to the right side and topstitch. Works. Like. A. Charm. If you want the inside to be as pretty as the outside, get some! No pins needed! I used the stitch witchery after attaching the skirt to the bodice to enclose the waist seam. 

Now, let's get to the really good stuff- embellishments! 

A new dress pattern of mine, for Little Lizard King patterns, is ready to head into testing. The Harbor Dress, was the perfect style to showcase some lovely notions!

I ran to Hobby Lobby to collect my embellishments with the biggest grin on my face yesterday. It was the first time I had been to HL in 3.5 years!!!! I was in heaven! Great vintage-inspired ticking stripe, super soft chambray, on-sale sequins, buttons and laces. I couldn't throw things in my cart fast enough!

Let's see how it all came together:

The military inspired tabs on the bodice were a great showcase for some pretty buttons and a pop of color with piping. 

The peplum provided a blank canvas for some hand-sewn sequins into Valentine's Day hearts.

The plain hem on the extra full gathered skirt was jazzed up with not just one, but two rows of lace.

Lastly, the sweet v-shaped back bodice was polished off with two decorative buttons. 

I hope you found some great new tools to add to your sewing toolbox, and some inspiration to jazz up a simple style with beautiful embellishments! Sewing Notions are all about making sewing easy and pretty- the more, the merrier! Head into your sewing space and Sew With {ALL} the Notions!