New Year, New Uses: Upcycling Everything

I love to upcycle.  When I started blogging almost four years ago, pretty much everything I made was an upcycle.  I didn't have much money or fabric, but I had plenty of people willing to give me their bags bound for Goodwill.  Over time, I've had the opportunity to work with fabric companies and earn money from my pattern designs to purchase new fabric, but I still have upcycling roots.

My most recent upcycle project was an adorable dress for Mack for Christmas.  I have become picky about what I keep in hand me down bags these days, but when I saw this phenomenal plaid top curtain in a bag, I knew it was mine.  It just begged to be a pleated skirt, and since I already had my Bateau Garden dress sitting on my cutting table, I decided that I could just adapt the skirt into a fully pleated style and went to town.

I LUUUUUUURRRRRVVVVVEEEEE the final product -and when you love a finished project and it was free, I just get kinda giddy. 

But let's not think that upcycling only works for the girls!!!!  I know, I know, this is day three of girly posts, so here's some boys for ya.  One of my favorite things to upcycle for boys is jeans - or any pants really, but I have done a bunch of jeans.  Of course as my boys get taller and taller, it gets harder, but it is still fun.

this whole outfit is upcylce, the pans and coat are both made from Khaki Pants.

this whole outfit is upcylce, the pans and coat are both made from Khaki Pants.

 Upcycling sweaters is fun and pretty easy - and who doesn't have sweaters that have a small stain or have gone out of style??? I've made quite a few sweaters from larger sweaters.  I enjoy doing it so much that I am currently working on a pattern for an upcycled sweater vest.  

Do you have a favorite thing that you have upcycled???  Share it with us on Facebook, or link to your blog in the comments below!