Halloween Inspiration: Butterfly Princess with Free Wing Pattern

Now that we've officially entered fall, it's time to start thinking about the one holiday that inspires me to sew more than any other one...HALLOWEEN!  If there is one holiday that brings out my inner sewing goddess and desire to go just a little overboard, this is it.  However, since I like to put the "pro" in procrastinate, Halloween is also a stressful and often last minute endeavor for me.  So this year we are getting our act together and kicking off our Halloween sewing with enough time to sit back and relax with a bag of pumpkin shaped peanut butter cups that were meant to last until the big event (oops!) We are starting today with this gorgeous butterfly inspired costume from Cassie at Lilyshine.  Not only will it inspire you to start sewing, she has included the pdf pattern for her wings as a free download available on our site.  We know you will love the wings and hope we can inspire you to start getting your Halloween juices flowing and your hands to start sewing! Enjoy!

Hi all! Cassie here, from Lily Shine, to share with you yet another set of Halloween costumes! For the last three years, I have loved the extra encouragement and motivation to get costumes sewn, photographed and ready well before the Halloween craze begins and the lines at the Joann’s cutting counter make you batty! And, each year I feel like I have to step up my game, creatively, and give the readers more inspiration than the year before! Let’s take a look at what my girls picked out for their Halloween costumes, and read how you can re-create the look!

This year my girls decided (and changed their minds a handful of times) on wanting “Butterfly Princess” costumes. After a few brainstorming sessions with my almost-four and six year old, we nailed the vision of what a Butterfly Princess would look like. Their criteria: long princess dresses with poofy skirts, wings that can be worn with or without the dress, and pipe cleaner antennas.

We set off for Joanns, with handfuls of coupons and the Hourglass Dress by Rabbit Rabbit Creations loaded in my dropbox app. The girls petted and cuddled with every fabric in the Casa Collection aisle before spotting the most gorgeous iridescent yellow and blue taffeta. We made our way to the craft section and picked up some matte black and white fabric paint and were on our way!

The taffeta had the desired drape and structure, so I cut two full widths of the fabric for the skirt instead of following the Hourglass skirt width to make it extra poofy. The bodice was perfect for tying the wings along the back straps. I love the princess-feel to the silhouette of the pattern, and it fit great according to my daughter's measurements and the size chart included.

Want to recreate the wings? Head over to the Pattern Revolution shop to download your *FREE* Little Lizard King butterfly wing pattern and tutorial! Just Click Add to Cart below. No credit card information will be required to check out. 

Little Lizard King Wings
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Thank you so much for reading about this year’s costumes- I’m already brainstorming for next year!