Last Minute Christmas PJ's From Kim featuring FooFoo Threads

Hello and happy holidays!!! I am Kim with Better Dressed Child sharing today Mila’s Christmas pj’s : ).  Every single Black Friday I buy a bunch of flannel and plan to make pajamas for all 4 of my children and every year I fail to complete.  Well, folks, this is the year!

Thanks to Pattern Revolution and Foo Foo Threads my daughter will actually get those handmade pj's!  The Cinnamon Sugar has already been reviewed here so I had to mix it up a bit.  Perfect, this would force me to complete those pj’s and use up some of this “hey the flannel is only $2 so I better buy a bunch”  fabric stash of mine.  

Really, I made one little tiny change.  I added width to the end of the sleeve and lengthened it.  The pattern calls for only knit sleeves.  I stuck with the flannel and was a bit worried the arm hole would be tight, but it was fine.  Mila is just in between a 3 and a 4, I went with a 4 and that may of helped.

Mila’s very favorite part of these bugging those newly pierced ears. The double breasted button design means no pulling it over the head.

If you're like me and have a flannel stash filled with good intentions, you have just a few hours left to get sewing those Christmas pj's. Happy Holidays!

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