Doll Pattern Round-up with Matching Girl Outfits by Violette Field Threads

Hello and thanks for visiting today!  We are so excited to try out the new 18" Doll Patterns from Violette Field Threads today. Our review team was very excited to try these out and, boy, were they busy sewing!  I am sure there were lots of 18" dolls opened by little ones this holiday season, so these patterns are just what that new doll needs to complete its wardrobe!

Today we are looking at the doll and matching girl outfits (how fun that your little one can match their doll!) and tomorrow we will be back with more of the doll patterns.  

Ellen sewed the Giselle Doll kimono to match her daughter's Giselle.  Here's what she had to say...

I was so excited to sew up a matching Giselle kimono for my daughter’s doll!  I had sewn up the girl’s Giselle earlier this month for a Kimono Feature and of course my daughter's doll needed one too.  It is a VERY fast sew (like the girl’s version but even faster).  I just love doll patterns since they use fabric scraps.  I hate throwing fabric away so I tend to hoard it!!!  Anyway, the Giselle doll pattern is so easy and I chose not to hem the sleeves to save time and I think it looks fine.  I had some black trim left over so it was perfect.  I really loved it and my girl does too!  Next up is a VFT Pepper dress for my girl and a matching Pepper doll dress of course.  Until next time!  Ellen

Nacole sewed up 3 set for this post.  This is what she had to say...

Hello there! Nacole here with a few of Violette Field Threads NEW doll patterns! How exciting right? We have waited a long time for matching doll patterns for their one of a kind patterns they release and the surprised us all with 40 of the top dresses they have! I think I grabbed about 20 of them when they had their awesome sale a few weeks back. I was able to sew a few up today for a Roundup of them.

Now if you have never made a doll pattern before dont shy away! I had never made anything smaller than a 6 months outfit before making my first doll pattern which was for this post. I started of with the Lacey doll pattern and was shocked how simple it was. I was worried about all the same pieces would be turning :)  Once all cut out I could not get over how cute it was because it was so small!

My first set is  The Victoria Top and dress and I did the Peplum top version and paired it with the Sloane Skinny Pants. My daughter loved this combo so much. Momma needs to make her a bigger pair. It seems she grew overnight! I was so surprised how fast the Victoria top was to sew and how easy the pants were to make ! This was the first time I made both of these patterns.

My second item I sewed up was the Josie Jumper. Again the cuteness with the small patterns is enough to make you go AWE! This pattern took 15 mins to make. I did the simple version with velcro all the way down and its so easy for my little one to get her dolly dressed!

My last item which was an extra that I did for this post and was actually my first doll pattern I have ever sewn was the Lacey Dress  because it's honestly one of my favorite patterns VFT has made this year. I just love it! This dress is quick to make in child’s sizes so it was a fast sew as well.

Rachel sewed the Pepper and Julianna patterns.  Here's what she had to say...

Hi! Rachel here, I sewed the Pepper and Julianna dresses for both my girl and her dolls. I’ve sewn a lot of doll clothes for Miss P and her friends, and the new VFT doll patterns are a great addition to my collection. The girls’ love for dolly-and-me matching is intense right now - Miss P is in first grade - and I’m happy to oblige. (Sets like these have been at the top of her friends’ bday and holiday requests recently.) Pepper is a classic woven pattern with a nice full skirt; the doll and girl patterns both include a cute pointed Peter Pan-style collar, too. I did a snap placket for Miss P’s dress and velcro for the doll. I find that a velcro back, at least ⅔ if not the full length of the back, are the easiest for the girls to use when dressing and undressing their dolls. The Pepper dress (which I shortened to tunic length) has a bit of ease through the bodice so there’s plenty of room to grow and nice range of motion even with the ¾ or long sleeves.

Julianna is a sweet knit dress with a twist - the gathered sleeves with elastic in the upper arm and at the hem are adorable and full. The bodice is lined and the skirt is a circle skirt, though it has side seams which is great if you’re using a directional fabric. I added velcro to the back bodice of the doll dress, and a small placket-style opening to the skirt, and it was easy to get on and off of the doll. Miss P’s dress just pulled on over her head, and had a great fit. 

Raedene sewed this Sloane Skinny Doll and Girl and Victoria Doll Set.

Kim sewed this Victoria Doll and Girl Set