Mabel Madison Valentines Blog Tour

Sew ALL the Poplin!!!  Hahah, that is essentially what Emily and Denita of Mabel Madison started with when they contacted a group of bloggers for a fun Valentines Blog Tour.  And why not, Poplin is one of the easiest fabrics to fall in love with!

Mabel Madison let each of us pick 1 yard of poplin for this blog tour - and one yard will get you farther than you think since it is 58 inches wide!  I picked out the Verhees Vintage Garage in Blue becasue my boys love cars and trucks, and had enough to make this size 8 Longboard Shirt with some solid red cotton from my stash.

If you aren't familiar with this great fabric, you really need to try it out.  It is a light cotton fabric that is tightly woven so it doesn't wrinkle easily and is super soft.  That softness is perfect for shirts, dresses and other patterns that will be worn against your child's skin.

Bex is jumping for joy cause these colors don't quit.  No seriously, this is the one type of fabric that is going to look better after washing, not worse.  The dyes are deep and vibrant and go through the fabric  (making it difficult to discern the right and wrong side at times).  The fabric doesn't bleed and there are so many great patterns available for girls and boys.  That is actually one of my favorite things about Mabel Madison - Emily has dedicated an entire section to BOY fabric - love her!

Bex is sporting the newest design from Winter Wear Designs - the Longboard Shirt, that will release this upcoming week.  This is the hooded version with pleated back and back yoke, but there are tons of options in this unisex pattern!

So fall in love yourself - head to Mabel Madison and check out the Poplins which are all on sale!!!  And don't miss out on any of the other great creations on the blog tour!