SYSL: Denver Dress

Hi! It’s Denita from HattieLu Handmade. Are you sewing along with Sew Yourself Some Love? We’ve already seen some awesome outfits from very talented ladies! I’m lucky to join in today.

You’re all probably tired of seeing me do the same conservative style outfits. I know, I know...I have pushed the envelope twice (Beautiful Campaign and Women’s BundleUP), but typically conservative does tend to be my unintentional style. My conservative style did shine through for an earlier Sew Yourself Some Love post. However, today, I’m going outside my normal comfort zone with Blank Slate Patterns Denver Tunic and Dress

I’m not afraid of pops of color and you shouldn’t be either! Color and “loud” prints can help expand your wardrobe away from the basic color palette. You don’t have to go loud or bold right out of the gate. Experiment with colors that work for everyday. For this Denver Dress, I chose cheetah print and black matte jersey knit from Joann’s. The black matte jersey knit works well as an accent to avoid being cheetahlicous all over. It’s also great for bringing in accessories. 

Let’s talk cost. In a lot of the sewing groups, women say “I don’t sew for myself.” The number one reason seems to be cost (i.e. amount of fabric) with time being a close second. So, here’s the actual cost breakdown of my Denver Dress. I already owned black thread, earrings, and the makeup. The hat was on the clearance rack at DSW. The fabric from Joann’s was $20.76 total. Now, for me, a similar store purchased dress would cost $150. Ok, so tell me why aren’t you sewing for yourself again?

I did make one major alteration to the dress. It’s shorter; a lot shorter than the pattern. The original length was just below the knee. However, I wanted a more going out with girlfriends  look. Nothing wrong with the original pattern, just a matter of preference. Ummm...well not preference, but outside the comfort zone. Blank Slate Patterns includes details on full bust adjustment, small bust adjustment, and meshing sizes all within the pattern instructions. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

So now that you’ve seen me in a non­conservative dress...haha. Here’s my challenge to you...Sew Yourself Some Love! Yes, I realize there are 500 million other things going on around you, but take 2 hours to love yourself! Post your sewn love in our Facebook group or tag us on IG.  Until next time...