Sew Yourself Some Love with Jocole

Anyone who follows my sewing, knows I love sewing for myself! When it came time for SYSL this year, I was excited! I signed up, knowing that this would give me the time to sew up some new stuff for me, as life always seems to get in the way!

The first thing I did was take my measurements. Then I brainstormed with Suzanne one day about what I wanted to sew up, came up with a plan and sewed it up! I was actually done 3 weeks early! I am a serious procrastinator though…..any guess what happened? rather than taking pics when the clothes were first finished, I waited...for 3 weeks...which brings me to this….I lost just enough weight that they don’t fit the same! The Jocole Peplum and pencil skirt that should look like this:

turned into this:

The peplum is bagging around the chest and arms and the skirt is too wide through the waist and hips (I have it pinned for pics).  I had this great idea of pieces that could work together, I even made some Jocole Skinnies!  They are too baggy now through the hips and thighs.

Why am I showing you these pics of me in ill fitting clothes?

Because we are all working on ourselves in some way or another, whether we are on a weightloss journey, an emotional journey, or working on issues at home or work, we are all works in progress. We need to embrace ourselves and love ourselves the way we are and during that transition from where we were to where we are going.

I will continue to sew more clothes for myself, even if I am not at the end of my journey, But I will remember to take pictures right away, and to retake measurements to see if I need to make last minute adjustments.

Even when you don’t feel like your sewing is “good enough”, I want you to step out of that comfort zone and share. We, as seamstresses (and women!), need to continue to encourage and support each other.

AS for these pieces? They will be going to that beautiful girl in the first picture. She is so excited to learn more about sewing and have handmade items for herself.

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